Pain is in Trouble...

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SAN ANTONIO: Week 5 Power Rankings

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Co-League Coordinator

7. Pain (0-3)

At 0-3, Pain sits not only at the bottom of the power rankings, but at the bottom of the standings as well. Only the top six teams make the playoffs, so it’s desperation time for Pain. Last week’s forfeit didn’t help, and squaring off against an undefeated Ether team doesn’t make things any easier. The good news is, winning cures all, and they aren’t too far behind in that regard…..yet.

6. Sicko Mode (1-2)

They added another in the loss column last week, although they played well together, even without their top two draft picks. There was a little personnel “turmoil” on their bench last week, but it seems that it’s since been resolved. They’ll have a nice chance at a win this week against Hit Em Up, who may or may not be under-handed. There’s no shame in taking advantage….

5. Hit Em’ Up (2-1)

Losing point guard Devin Moore hurts a bit, as does the loss of Carlos Villamil. Team captain Paul Segreto misses games frequently as well, and just like that; POOF goes your bench. Durrell Norman will have a lot of weight to carry on his shoulders, and Jake Schifani and Agustin Zurita will need to play outside of themselves for extended amounts of time to make up for the loss of personnel. Playing with five is always tough, even if all are talented. If Jared Thompson is able to make his debut this week, it should lighten the load at least a little bit. They’ll see Sicko Mode this week.

4. #LOYALTY (2-2)

At one time they were No. 1, but they have since fallen. Winning is everything for team captain Dee Jackson, so he’s got to be mad. He’s pretty vocal too, and pulls no punches when assessing the blame, even on himself. He should have his troops ready this week as they take on Bigger Than You in what looks to be an exciting game.

3. Bigger Than You (1-3)

Finally got one!  Still though, at 1-3, they are seriously under achieving what they were predicted to do. They don’t even have any valid excuses either, as most of their players have been available all season. Hopefully they can take that momentum from Week 4 and turn it into multiple wins, but will they?

2. Reasonable Doubt (3-1)

After rattling off three straight and shaking up the league, they’ll get a week off. They’ve looked at times unstoppable. With the biggest front court in the league, great defense all around, timely shooters, lots of creators, the ability to run in transition and play in the half court, this team is poised to make the Finals. Especially after their dismantling of a great team in #LOYALTY. Enjoy your week off fellas, see ya’ll in Week 6. 

1. Ether (3-0)

Coming off of a bye week, and still at No. 1, they should be fully rested and ready to go. They’ve got Pain in Week 5.