Two Undefeated Teams Left


FORT WASHINGTON: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Kevin White | Fort Washington League Coordinator

As we enter Week 4, we have two unbeaten teams remaining. What a coincidence that it’s both teams from last year’s championship game.

1. Shawn Warren Elite (3-0) 

Shawn Warren Elite comes in a at No. 1 again after their 17th victory in a row last week. This team has absolutely been rolling and they find a way to pull the win out night in and night out. It’s hard to single out one guy on this team. Their dominance has been a total team effort with different guys each night highlighting the game. 

2. Our Time (3-0) 

Our Time is looking good this season to be 3-0 without leading scorer Kevin White. Jermaine Bromell is a competitor and a leader. The two new pickups in Justin Raber and Eric Moore could get our time over the hump. This team goes as far as the play of Amaar Clemente and Mike Erdos takes them. They are the real X factors.

3. Give and Go (2-1) 

Give and Go has been the surprise team of the season so far. They are a few points and stops away from being undefeated. They are a roster full of blue collar guys led by Captain Steve Tolliver. Hakeem brown has scored with the best of them this season. Keep an eye on this team.

4. Suburban Legends (1-2) 

The Suburban Legends haven’t had their full Roster since they won their first game. They have a good team and just have to consistently put it all together. They have the experience and capability to be at the top of the league when at full strength.

5. Outlaws (0-3) 

A big surprise to all are the winless Outlaws. The Outlaws were thought to compete for a championship this season. They have the experience and personnel. It’s not to let and I expect them to turn their season around beginning tonight. Captain David Hardy and Former MVP Samuel Evans won’t let it end this way.

6. X-Men (0-3) 

The X men are still trying to put it together. They lost a nail biter last week. They were missing big man Samuel Anyan. I still believe they have an interesting team and should not be taken lightly. Alex Weems Will heat up soon as well as Paul Nielsen.