These Birds are Flying High

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FORT WORTH: Week 5 Predictions

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

The hottest team in the league has to be Ball Don't Lie, right? I mean they did have the upset of the season so far with a convincing win over previously unbeaten LT Colleyville. That should be enough to get labeled the hottest team in the league. Unfortunately it is not.

The Pink Flamingos are the hottest team in the league and are currently mirroring their championship run from last season where they lost the first game of the season then ran the tables. I don't know if they will do it again, but if they do, the road will be a lot tougher this time around. So how do the Birds and the rest of the league matchup this week?

7 p.m. LT Colleyville (3-1) vs. Rough Riders (3-1)

If we had a game of the week, this would be it. Offense is the name of the game for both of these teams. Colleyville is coming off their upset loss last week and will look to re-establish themselves as the league's best. Sure they had an off night shooting against one of the current lower teams in the league.

You sure as heck can't do that kind of off night against a top team like the Rough Riders and have a chance to win. I think the Rough Riders have the quickness and talent to match up well with Colleyville's perimeter play and sharp shooters. I can see the difference makers in this game being Beau Muhlbach for Colleyville and James Mauro for the Rough Riders. 

Prediction: LT Colleyville 89 - Rough Riders 81

8 p.m. HFTC (0-4) vs. Pink Flamingos (3-1)

HFTC is undermanned going into every game but that doesn't seem to faze them. They continue to play hard regardless of the score and I love that. They bad news this week is they are playing the hottest team in the league in the Pink Flamingos. 

The good news is that as last showed us, anyone can be beat on any day. I just don't see that day being today for this game. It is a tough matchup inside for HFTC. Brian Butterweck can go against Chad Rykhoek but then who guards Cody Brazelton? HFTC will battle but will come up short. 

Prediction: HFTC 62- Pink Flamingos 88

9 p.m. - Ball Don't Lie (2-2) vs. Pine Riders (1-3)

This could be a game that decides seeding come playoff time. We are at the half way point and unless things change drastically in the second half this could be a first round matchup in the playoffs. When you look at personnel, these teams matchup well.

An interesting matchup will be the battle of the big boys Lamont Stokes vs. Dwayne McDonald. I think they were getting a warm-up prequel on Monday night's Open Run. I think this should be a good game and rather close. 

Prediction: Ball Don't Lie 76- Pine Riders 71

See you on the Court!