The Rebels Remain at the Top


RALEIGH: Week 5 Power Rankings

By Thomas Hunt | Raleigh League Coordinator

1. Lifetime Rebels

With another win the Rebels are riding a three-game winning streak and with the firepower this team has they look to continue their winning ways throughout the rest of the season.  

2. The Heat

With a fully loaded team last week, we had the chance to see this team at full strength. With the return of their high energy guy, the Heat look as if they are ready to make a serious push the second half of the season. 

3. D.R.

Over the last few weeks D.R. has pulled off some big time upsets and with this win last week it seems that the Cerda brothers and company are a serious contender for the championship. 

4. Unsigned Hype

With another good win Unsigned Hype has jumped up in the rankings. Behind amazing guard play and a post player who looks unstoppable at times Hype looks to keep the momentum going. 

5. Raleigh Elite

Coming off another hard-fought game where things just didn’t fall there way in over time Raleigh Elite will no doubt bring everything they have to get back in the winning side. 

6. The Defenders

The Defenders drop a few spots this week but everything remains the same with them. They have all the potential in the world and just need a few things to bounce their way and this team could make some serious noise in the playoffs. 

7. The Monstars

The Monstars remain the same. For some reason they just can’t get everything going right each game. At moments they are moving the ball, pushing the ball and finishing then at times the balls gets stuck and everyone watches. Hopefully they can figure it out and put together a few wins consecutively. 

8. Kings

This team has everything it needs to get a win this week, all it takes is trusting your teammates. But at times it seems they would rather argue with each other instead of playing the game. But I still have hope for these guys I think they will figure a way to get a win before the season is over.