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AUSTIN: Week 5 Power Rankings

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator

1. Arsenal (4-0)

Arsenal won again. They haven’t lost a game since March 7, 2018 when they played the Lakers with only four players. Their ability to turn it on in the second half is tough to stop. Although there at least 2-3 teams this season that are capable of possibly beating them, they are on a run that no one seems able to stop.

2. Lifetime Elite (4-0)

Lifetime Elite are quietly putting together a pretty good season so far. They have always typically played well, but this season they seem to be more under the radar. They have also been able to do with without Tim Keller in the line-up. Once he returns to play, they’ll be even better.

3. N.U.K. (2-2)

The N.U.K.s lost in a lop-sided game against a desperate Professors squad. Without Ignacio Garcia, the N.U.K.s were missing a critical piece in their rotation. If they have everyone next week, they should bounce back.

4. The Blaze (2-2)

The Blaze need their point guard Aaron Urbanus in the line-up. Floor spacing is killing them right now. The two bigs are sitting on the blocks too long and the shooters can’t get into a rhythm. The return of their point guard should fix this.

5. Team Finesse (2-2)

Team Finesse has lost two in a row, but we still like their team. They are very athletic and play hard to the end. Can’t count them out just yet. If they move the ball better, they will go far!

6. Professors (1-3)

The Professors have life! Calling them the Cavs, really got their attention last week and they proved they still have the hearts of champions. Let’s test fate by calling them the 1-6 Phoenix Suns this week.

7. Heat (1-3)

The Heat finally got their first win and we could not be happier for them, but the celebration will be short-lived. They have lost some major pieces at the trade deadline and it’s going to be tough to compete with the elite teams from here on out.

8. Shots Fired (0-4)

Shots Fired is still trying to figure things out. They have some good players, but just haven’t been able to put it together yet. They will win one soon.

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