LT Colleyville Picks Up its First Loss but Remains at the Top Spot

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FORT WORTH: Week 5 Power Rankings

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

Due to some technical issues, last week's power rankings and predictions were not posted. I would have had another two for three week and kept my prediction success in the upper 70 percent range. What you would have missed was the easy pick of the week with LT Colleyville beating Ball Don't Don't Lie. Safe bet right? In true Corso fashion, Not so fast my friend. Colleyville hadn't won by less than 30. The prediction had them in a 20-point win. Just show up and coast. Ball Don't Lie had other intentions and won rather convincingly by eight. But, was it enough to change the rankings? Here are the power rankings at the half-way point. 

1. LT Colleyville (3-1)

Despite the upset loss this past week they are still the top team and the team to beat. The hadn't won a game by less than than 30 prior to this week's setback. They shot 24 percent from downtown and 41 percent total from the field. Everyone was held way below their averages. They will recover as everyone has an off night. I don't think anyone saw this coming to against the previously 1-2 Ball Don't Lie Squad. They will look to put this in the past and move on in their quest for a title. 

2. Pink Flamingos (3-1)

They are the hottest team in the league riding a three-game win streak. They will have to take it one game at a time but you know they have the rematch date with LT Colleyville circled on the calendar. Cody Brazelton hasn't had the glowing stats he had last season but the league and competition got a lot tougher. Regardless, he is starting to put his name back in the conversation for an MVP repeat. If Chad Rykhoek keeps it up his name will be on the ballot as well. 

3. Rough Riders (3-1)

They take the third spot by default for now as they have lost to the Birds and the Birds lost to Colleyville. The Rough Riders will be able to take their futures into their own hands as they play Colleyvile this week. It could decide if they are title contenders or middle of the pack pretenders. Dominique Burnett is the team captain and leader and can't have a bad game like he did and the Birds for his team to have a chance. 

4. Ball Don't Lie (2-2)

Anyone can be beaten on any given day and this team proved it with the Upset of the season this past week with the convincing win over LT Colleyville. Player of the Week, Carl Granger led the way with 24 points and 12 rebounds for his best performance. JaDarrian Brown was a spark plug off the bench and kept the attack of full throttle. Sean Thomas has had a major drop off in his offensive production from last season but showed his worth and value with the lock down of league leading scorer Demond Mallet being held to 20 points below his average. For this week, the team is flying high despite the the No. 4 spot. 

5. Pine Riders (1-3) 

This team put together a nice run and make the Birds work for their win the past week. They still need to improve on the defensive side to have better chances. Dwayne McDonald continue to be a beast in the paint with 36 points against the team with the two tallest bigs. Wes Wermuth and Mike Majdeski have both struggled and will look to get on track in the next few games. 

6. HFTC (0-4)

The Cardio Boys continue to do their thing. Now what is their thing? I am not sure, but they keep doing it. What I like about this team is they battle and don't quit. I will take that on any team any day. Chris Poplaski is all out hustle and hard work. Not having Will Daniel on the boards or Victor Manta handling the ball has hurt. The addition of Malcolm Smith on the other hand has helped. My game plan for this team is feed Butterweck and feed him often. Look at the stats, they prove he is productive. Plus, that will open shots and opportunities for others.  

See you on the Court!