Hit Squad vs Monstars: Game of the Week

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KING OF PRUSSIA: Week 5 Predictions

By Kenny Brown | King of Prussia League Coordinator


7:30 p.m. - Pippen Aint Easy  vs  Injured List  

This Week 5 matchup features the winless team Pippen Aint Easy who have yet to put together to good halves of basketball against the Injured List who has won three straight games and getting better every week. The size and rebounding ability of Chris Shelton and Eric Straub of the Injured List team will be key as Pippen Aint Easy will need a big game from team leader Joe Colangelo to get their first win.

Prediction: Injured List  68, Pippen Aint Easy 59  

7:30 p.m. - King and Duck  vs  KOP’s Finest 

This matchup features the Reigning Champs King and Duck who continue to dominate the competition each and every week. Next up for the chamos is KOP’s Finest who sit at 2-2 and just lost league leading scorer Stephen Coachi to a knee injury. Mekhi Clemons will need to play well and get his teammates involved to offset the superior team play of King and Duck. Captain Marcus Gaskins has an unselfish team that shares the ball and play together. This game will come down to whether KOP can play a discipline game for 44 minutes.

Prediction: King and Duck  74,  KOP’s Finest  65

8:30 p.m. - Monstars  vs  Hit Squad 

This Game of the week matchup has the 3-1 Hit Squad against the 2-2 Monstars. The Hit Squad lead the league in points, rebounds, and assists per game seem to be finding that championship flow with Larry Tape Jr and Phil Cavalcante leading the way. The Monstars coming off an embarrassing loss Week 4 are looking to bounce back and will need strong performances from Captain Mike Sidebotham, Kyle Dolby, and Adam Kovacs if they want to knock of the Hit Squad. This will be a physical back and forth game.

Prediction:  Monstars  61,  Hit Squad  65

8:30 p.m. - Sunline  vs  Maverace 

This matchup features team Sunline coming off an impressive blowout win in Week 4 against the winless team Maverace. These teams are total opposites as Sunline goes 10 deep with constant pressure on the opponent while Maverace takes a more passive approach moving the ball looking for the best shot possible. The question will be which style works best and which team will come out on top? Sunline can make this easy or tough depending on which sunline team shows up..

Prediction:  Sunline 70,  Maverace  52