Clash of The Titans


BURLINGTON: Week 5 Predictions  

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

It’s a BIG week in Burlington! Real BIG! If anyone ever followed Greek Mythology, you’d know the Titans were some of the most powerful beings in Greek mythology. Well, Tuesday night we get our own version of the clash of the Titans, as a pair of undefeated teams matchup with each other for the first time this season. Were getting a couple of playoff caliber, possibly even championship preview worthy matches this week. Week 5 promises to deliver! Let’s check out this week’s matchups.

7 p.m. – Wolves (0-4) vs Reformation (1-3)

The Wolves are so close to a win they can taste it. There’s not better time than now, as Reformation has been struggling as of late. Look for a big Isaac Remy to help lead the Wolves to their first win of the season.

Prediction: Wolves

7 p.m. – Dream Team (4-0) vs. $hmoney (4-0)

GAME. OF. THE. WEEK! It’s the Clash of the Titans. The heavyweight bout! We’re talking jabs, uppercuts, haymakers, and knockouts. Two undefeated giants, and one is walking away with a L. This is as primetime as it gets in Burlington. This is a tough one, but I’m going with dream team on this one.

Prediction: Dream Team

8 p.m. – Fire (2-2) vs.  The Wildcats (0-4)

The Wildcats come into week 5 in search of their first win of the season. Fire, having one true win, is also looking to prove themselves in the league. Fire needs this one to get back on track, and they find a way to get it done.

Prediction: Fire

8 p.m. – The Rox (3-1) vs. Legendary (2-2)

Legendary was let down after last weeks forfeit, and they should be well rested and ready to pick up where they left off (98 point scoring output in Week 3). On the other hand, the Rox have been hot as of late. Thomas Ugbesia is looking to help get his team to their fourth win in a row. Had it not been for the matchup of the undefeated’s, this would have surely been game of the week.  

Prediction: Legendary