Can Chris’s Angels get Another Statement Win? 

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SUMMERLIN REC:  Week 5 Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate


SP 101 (2-2) vs. Recspekt (3-1)

 I feel bad for SP 101 because they are going to run into a determined and upset Recspekt team this week.  Its too bad because I like the way SP 101 is playing right now and I do think they will win a some more games this season.  Unfortunately for them they are getting the champs after a loss and I am guessing Recspekt will not be in a good mood.  I don’t think this one is going to be close. 

I think Edward Vaughns and Charles DeJohnette to own this game tomorrow night.  This duo has great chemistry and they are averaging almost 40 PPG between them.  This also will be a game Charles Vinson should dominate.  If this was any other week I think SP 101 could hang around for a bit but look for Recspekt to come out on fire tomorrow night.

Prediction: Recspekt 97, SP 101 72

BAR (0-4) vs. Hickory Huskers (1-3)

This game should be another blow out based on how things of gone over the last few weeks.  BAR is a team that is really struggling, 0-4 on the season and it doesn’t look like it will get any better this week.  Hickory is 1-3 and have lost three straight but they have shown signs of being competitive and they will have one thing going for them tomorrow against BAR and that is they can score, which BAR cannot. 

BAR is averaging 51 PPG so far this season and is shooting 32 percent as a team.  Unless they have some ringers showing up tomorrow I don’t see them turning it around.  This should be the perfect game for Kerry Knoll to break out this week.  The last few weeks he has been held in check and I fully expect him and Brock Berglund to have a big game.  Hickory does give up almost 85 PPG so it’s possible BAR could have an easier time scoring but I don’t think they will be able to score enough.  Hickory snaps their losing streak and moves to 2-3 on the season.

Prediction: Hickory Huskers 76, BAR 59


Easy Go Travelers (2-2) vs. Chris’s Angels (3-1)

There is no question this will be the game of the night and it will be a battle of two teams that are going in opposite directions.  Chris’s Angels come in off a big win over Recspekt and Easy Go comes in at 2-2 and got embarrassed last week by the top ranked Ball is Life squad.   This game should be quite the defensive battle and should be a lot of fun to watch.

The Angels have to be fired up right now.  They upset Recspekt last week and it seemed that they are really starting to find their groove after sitting out last season.  The key in this one for the Angels has to be big man Adam Schmitt.  He will have his hands full with the length of JJ Todd and Mike Smiljanic but his speed and quickness will no doubt give Todd and Smiljanic trouble.  If the Angels smothering defense can frustrate Easy Go like it did Recspekt last week then there is no question the Angels will win this game.  There offense has been effective this season.  As a team they are averaging 71 PPG, which is going to win them a lot of games especially when they only give up 58 PPG. 

Easy Go is due to figure this out sooner are later right?  Last week they lost to Ball is Life 84-68 in a game that they never gave up in but never seemed to have a chance in.  Easy Go needs to bring the energy and ramp up the intensity level this week.  They need to show the Rec league that they are a contender and take it to Chris’s Angels.  This is a huge game for JJ Todd and Mike Smiljanic to establish themselves in the paint.  They will also need Kenny McNeil and Tij Von Nieda to continue to be hot from deep. They have combined for 36 3s already this season and they will need to be ready to go tomorrow. 

I fully expect this game to be physical, high spirited, and close.  Both teams have great players but if the Angels come ready to play like they did last week then I think they will take care of business.  Look for Chris Ward and Henry Nguyen to hit some key shots tomorrow night that will change the momentum and lead the Angels to a hard fought victory over Easy Go.

Prediction: Chris’s Angels 63, Easy Go Travelers 60

Beacon (2-2) vs. Ball is Life (4-0)

This is a game to keep an eye on tomorrow night.  Beacon is starting to find themselves after a 0-2 start and Ball Is Life is sitting at 4-0 and looking to take the reigns from Recspekt.  Beacon will have a chance in this one if they can knock some shots down and keep Ball Is Life honest on defense.  Beacon is playing some very good defense right now and in the last two weeks they have only given up 52 and 64 points in victories over BAR and Hickory. Beacon will need Marcus and Barrington Milner to be aggressive on offense and they will need to look to feed Tim Parelli in the paint.  If the Milner brothers and Tyler McCammon are able to knock some shots down and play together they may put a scare into Ball Is Life. 

We all know what Ball is Life is going to do.  They will look to establish Chris Ford and Mihail Kocevski early and once they do that Bobby Mears will do his thing and they will probably open this game up.   I don’t trust Beacon’s ability to shot from the outside and Ball Is Life has too many weapons for them.  If for some reason Ball Is Life is off and let’s say Ford or Mears is not in attendance then I think Ball is Life would have to worry.  I don’t see that happening and look for Ball is Life to continue its hot play tomorrow night.

Prediction: Ball is Life- 99, Beacon- 74


WTF JR? (3-1) vs. HYR Life (0-4)

We will end our night just how we started it, a game that will more than likely be over by halftime.  WTF JR?  is the team no one wants to play come playoff time and after a tough loss a few weeks ago to Ball is Life they seem to have found some momentum.  Sean Breen is off to a tremendous start this season averaging 27 PPG, 7 assists, and 3 steals. 

This game against HYR Life seems like it could be a big night for Breen as HYR Life is giving up 94 PPG, which is dead last in the league.  Breen, Max Miller- Hooks IV, and Anthony Khotsikian should have their way with HYR Life.  WTF JR? should also be up the task of stopping newcomer Nathaniel Burgess for HYR Life who is averaging 25 PPG.  If HYR Life want to have any chance they will need Burgess and Bohao Li to be on the same page tomorrow night and both of them will have to have huge games if they want to pull the upset.  Look for HYR Life to give it their all but WTF JR? will continue to impress.

Prediction: WTF JR?  102, HYR Life 67