After Double Overtime, Impact Asserts Itself as the Top Team

Fall 2018 week 2 power.jpg

WESTMINSTER: WEEK 3 Power Rankings

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

1. Impact (2-0)

It took a little bit of extra time but, Impact pulled off the win against Fire Squad Elite, 73-71 in an instant classic. Andre Hines carried most of the load with 26 points, 9 rebounds and a monster blocks. Beau Barney was held to a season-low 16 points but hit the biggest shot of all to seal the deal.

This game may have had a huge impact on the season as they may have lost Warren Lindberg for the rest of the year after stepping on the ball and slamming into the wall going for a lose ball late in game. They still are first in points per game at 98.0 and second in points allowed at 70.5, a sign that they are getting it done on both ends. With Long Shots on the table next, will see who steps in to replace Warren or who steps up numbers wise filling in his stats.

2. MGTOW (2-0)

Aaron Lohmann has done it again with bringing MGTOW from down south and laying it on the north. Some real Lannister ish for all my G.O.T fans. 2-0 and his squad put up a "Hundo" on the Long Shots. Jiggy Jaden Courage led the team in scoring with 23 and Tay White had a nice showing with 19 points and 8 rebounds.

MGTOW has all the right tools with Marvin Augustin and Aaron holding down the front down low. Plus turning these youngsters loose on the league with fresh legs in waves its a tough matchup for any squad. Tied at first with points per game with Impact at 98.0 and second in rebounds at 52.0 they are able to control the game and play at their own tempo.

3. Oh Boy (2-0)

One of the teams that was also able to put up 100 points was Oh Boy. They laid it down on the Under Dogs with Deandre ordering the 40 rack at the drive thru window. That's right 41 points, 20 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals in his Ultimate Hoops career high. Vince Rogers in his second UH game was 2 rebounds shy of another triple-double.

We also got a little spark of Eric Belsar or should I say young Robin for anyone who caught the post game review. 18 points and 18 rebounds not bad for a guy that hasn't played in 4-5 months.  Big matchup for Oh Boy as they play Tha Crew next. Tha Crew knocked out Oh Boy from the playoffs. Should be a good test to see where Oh Boy really stands this season

4. Fire Squad Elite (1-1)

Taking a loss by 2 to Impact was the Fire Squad Elite. It was a tough one considering they had a chance to close it out twice. Zach Synder had a double-double to lead the team but it wasn't enough. The standings have them at No. 6 but that's just not true in any way or fashion; they are still top four. Too much talent to be any lower.

Tyler Converse leads the team in scoring with 17.5 per game. The reason I bring that up is usually Fire Squad putting up 20 but with all that talent the points get spread out a little more. Another eye popping stat is the steals for Squad is fifth, with 6 steals per game. That's way too low for this group.

5. Tha Crew (1-1)

Picking up their first W was Tha Crew (75-66) over H.D.M.D. Cay Granger aka "Tex" had a huge game with 19 points, 19 rebounds and 5 blocks. Putting his face up on the top performers for the 2nd time in his UH career. Jeremy Vaughn had himself a breakout game as well as he led the team in scoring with 21 points.

Tha Crew don't really dazzle you with numbers, they’re more skill and grit with these guys. The fact they keep coming at you all game is what makes them so tough. Starting the season 1-1 is a new tune for this group so lets hope the rest of the season sounds the same.

6. Bucket Getterz (1-1)

Bucket Getterz rise from the ashes last week as they pulled off a 25-point victory over the Hoopers. New comer to the Westminster scene was Jarrett Green who dropped 20 points and 9 rebounds in his first 303 games with UH, showing off his high basketball I.Q and on point shooting.

As well as we got a Prieto sighting with him getting back to his old ways with a double- double of 12 points and 16 rebounds. With the trio of Jarrett, Daniel and Micheal Crumley and the rest of the guys playing their roles they should be able to make some noise this season. Third in rebounds (37.5) and fifth in points per game (85.5).

7. Hand Down...Man Down (0-1)

Getting off to a rough start was Hand Down...Man Down as they lost to Tha Crew by nine. Matt Rice was giving all he had with 29 points and 7-13 behind the arc. I would say I helped out but, I had one of my worst games with the squad and only managed 7 points and 2 assists. Bad Greg.

Everyone on the team is going to need to step up to make a season out of this. And our squad will definitely need one more guy for a sub. Fourth in points allowed (75.0), first in blocks (6.0) and second in steals (9.0). Hand Down…Man Down is getting it done on the D side of it but guys gotta make buckets.

8. Long Shots (0-1)

Long Shots got out ran against MGTOW, taking the first loss of the season. They were short Joey McClain who would of added more speed to the lineup. Derek Elliot had a huge game with 37 points and 12 rebounds with Griffin Yopp tailing behind with 18 points. They just didn't have enough get up and go to stay with MGTOW. I do love the additions of Brady Cooper and Patrick Dudley; this pairs these two with high level ball players and should allow them to open up their games. It’s Week 1 for them so they will get a pass but look out Westminster, I think this team will be sneaky good.

9. The Hoopers (0-2)

I wouldn't normally say this about The Hoopers but they are all out of whack this season. 2-0, plus they are not sticking fear into teams like they were the last two seasons. They lost to Bucket Getterz by 25. First of all they are missing D.j Robinson who usually gets them going on offense. Umar Kahn and Rammy are trying to piece it together but left without Devin Zalara last week too, makes it really tough.

Umar had 20 points with Rammy pulling out 19 points if they could get some help in the middle they might be fine. From them its about guys showing up. If they can get more than five guys suited they should be fine. Until that time I see it being rough waters till then.

10. Under Dogs (0-2)

Under Dogs were bit by the injury bug and were missing two guys which left them with no size or any subs leading to a loss against Oh Boy by 35. Adam Scharpf had 12 points and 8 rebounds as he was the only guy left willing to run back and forth. The tempo was so fast pace they had no real chance to catch a breath.

Guys like Victor Marin and Rodney really need to start letting it rip. Guys are getting looks and turning them down for turn overs or deep 3-point shots. They need to work Jason and Adam on the inside and start from there.