When will Slice 'N Dice Pick Up a W?

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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 5 Predictions

By Adam Butler | Tempe Media Associate

What’s going on Tempe, ya boy AB is back in town after a much needed trip with the boys and I can’t wait to get back into this weeks games. Here is this weeks Power Rankings. 

1. Keepin it a Bean (4-0)

KIAB is still undefeated and it’s not looking like they’re going to lose soon. With a double header this week, they match up with teams they’ve beaten already. Upset soon? 

2. Divine Intervention (4-1)

Not looking back after their only loss in Week 1, DI has been on a tear thanks to guaranteed MVP candidate Lionel Pehoua. Should have a tough matchup this week, look out for my guy Jesse Brittain on the 3-point line. 

3. Not Going (3-1)  

Just absolutely dominating their way to a 30-point win last week, Not Going has all the confidence in the world going into week 5. Justin De Windt is playing a key role as a glue guy, and leading the league in rebounds, assists and steals. 

4. West Side Connected (3-2)

Cam Badgett needs to have the ball every play for maximum efficiency and entertainment. Having his best game of the season, (22 points, 13 rebounds) hell definitely be asking for the ball more. And he should get it. Rookie Mitchell Fitzsimmons is also becoming more confident as the season goes by, which will be crucial by playoff time. 

5. Shooting Slumps (1-3)

Losing a tough one last week, Shooting Slumps will definitely be looking to get a W this week. Every time Xavier is on the court, something dramatic goes down and I’m excited to see what it’ll be this week. 

6. Fndf (1-3)

Fndf in a word: Yikes. Word on the street is first round pick Jovan Wright has left the team for the season. Last week Fndf scored 56 points on 65 TOTAL shots. Big yikes. Something has gotta be figured out soon. 

7. Slice ’N Dice (0-4)

Huge games last week from Mike Herz and Masih Muhammad, SND still couldn’t get a W. Maybe this week? I’ll be rooting for them.

Catch you all Monday Night! Good luck everyone 

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