The Fundamentals Move Up the Rankings Despite a Week 2 Loss

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PRINCETON: Week 3 Power Rankings 

By Phil Jackson | Princeton League Coordinator

The Generals and Lakers remain unbeaten heading into Week 3 of the season. The Fundamentals move up to third in the rankings.

1. Princeton Generals (2-0) 

This squad is looking pretty dominant in games one and two of the season so far. Solid drafting by team captain Michael Montella. Week 2 saw the Princeton Generals take on The Fundamentals. The Generals posted an impressive 78 total points led by Phil Jackson (19 points, 15 rebounds, 4 assists) off the bench and Ashwin Narra (19 points, 2 blocks). The Generals out-rebounded The Fundamentals 57-22 in a 22-point win last Tuesday night.

Daniel Lawler also posted a double-double with 16 points and 11 rebounds. This team has all-around great talent and is the favorite heading into Week 3 to remain undefeated. Team captain Michael Montella is ecstatic about the recent play of his team and doesn't want to change a thing. He wants to continue to move the ball and play lock down defense to propel his team to win after win. 

2. Life Time Lakers (2-0) 

This team, when playing together, is a problem for any opposing contender. Week 2 saw the Life Time Lakers vs the Princeton Pelicans. Another solid night from guard and team captain Kosty Yablon (19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 steals). Craig Swiney (11 points, 8 rebounds) followed suit with a respectable performance as well. Despite getting out rebounded 27-33, the Lakers were able to keep their turnovers down with just 8 total for the game and recorded an impressive 9 total team steals. The Lakers were able to withstand the Pelicans with a six-point victory.

This team is surviving off of speeding up the opposition, causing turnovers, and leaning on its 1-2 combo in Yablon and Swiney for offensive production. Team captain Kosty Yablon is confident that steals and forcing turnovers will be their bread and butter as the Lakers look to Week 3 and beyond. 

3. The Fundamentals (0-2) 

The Fundamentals were bested in Tuesday night’s game against the Generals. The team was led by team captain Marcus Lotierzo (21 points, 9 rebounds). The team also saw solid contributions from Ashonti Sweat (13 points, 1 block) and Nakul Rao (13 points, 9 rebounds, 4 steals). The Fundamentals have acquired Ashwin Narra 6'3 from the Generals which should deliver an increased boost in offensive production, as well as rebounding and playmaking.

This team has yet to see its first-overall draft pick on the court, so the addition of Narra should be a solid pickup for the team early in the season. The Fundamentals will need to find a go-to player for consistent scoring to find their first win of the season. Team captain Marcus Lotierzo is optimistic the addition of Narra will boost the offensive production needed to grab a win in Week 3. 

4. Princeton Pelicans (0-2) 

This squad is a work in progress. Week 2 saw the Pelicans take a loss to the Life Time Lakers. They were led by Savion Sweeney (14 points, 5 rebounds) and Bryan Wilson (9 points, 7 rebounds, 3 assists). The Pelicans never seemed to get a solid rhythm on the offensive end scoring just 38 total team points in the game and turning the ball over 13 times. On the bright side, the pelicans have however added Leo Przewlocki 6'4 to their roster giving them much needed height in the paint.

The Pelicans are sure to be an upset waiting to happen come playoff time, but for now just need to find their first win of the season. Team captain Bryan Wilson is all over team improvement, playing together, and turning up the intensity level as the Pelicans look forward to Week 3.