Can the Jay-Hawks Stay Unbeaten?


MOUNT LAUREL: Week 4 Predictions

By Kevin Kolodziej | Mount Laurel Media Associate


7:30 P.M. - Kobe’s Rebounders (2-1) v. Jay-Hawks (3-0)

Jay Phillips has been walking around like a giddy school boy after assembling his bologna-team following the draft. But this week, he’s going to face a whole new beast in Mike Kouser. Sure, on paper, Jay-Hawks have one of the most dominant teams ever assembled in league history, but they haven’t faced a player of Kouser’s caliber yet. Expect the big-man to dominate his way to a victory.

PREDICTION: Kobe’s Rebounders 76, Jay-Hawks 70

8:30 P.M. - Jackrabbits (1-2) v. All Buckets (1-2)

The Jackrabbits are coming off of a big double-digit win while All Buckets is coming off of a nine-point loss, and both teams were missing their big men during Week 3. If both big men (Jake Gurkin and Dame Gross) show up, this could be one of the most competitive games of the season. There is plenty of shooting on both teams and plenty of athleticism on both sides of the ball, as well. With Mustafa El-Amin finally on board with the Jackrabbits, though, they will be the team to beat.

PREDICTION: Jackrabbits 69, All Buckets 65


7:30 PM - Jesus Disciples (1-2) v. South Jersey Dynasty (1-2)

It’s not exactly a “must-win” scenario for the South Jersey Dynasty and Jesus Disciples in Week 4, but it would certainly be a crushing loss/big confidence boost to whoever wins/loses. In order for Jesus Disciples to win, they’ll need plenty of scoring from Tim Robinson and Tory Whiting, while Mike Nelson will have to dominate the boards. In order for South Jersey Dynasty, they’ll need Jabree Jackson to have a high-scoring game, while Ruben Edouard will have to do the dirty work down low. It should be a competitive back-and-forth battle throughout.

PREDICTION: Jesus Disciples 73, South Jersey Dynasty 72