Don’t Let Off the Gas

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PALM VALLEY: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Vinnie Thepsourinthone | Palm Valley Media Associate

We have a new undisputed undefeated team in our league, and we are pretty much at the halfway mark. Some teams will need to continue the momentum and not let off the gas, and others still have time to get that momentum going. With some missing people in Week 3 because of Halloween weekend, this week we have some movement in the rankings. Let’s get to it.

1. Hard Work (3-0, Streak W3, Last Week: 2)

These guys take the top spot after a convincing 85-75 victory over the previous weeks’ top team. Kasey Ruiz is still putting up MVP numbers alongside two other candidates Gabriel Cunningham and Shawn Scott. Kasey is currently leading his team in points (32.7 PPG), rebounds (12.3 APG), steals (3.0 SPG), and blocks (1.3 BPG). I can see Hard Work taking the top spot in the upcoming state tournament, as these are the new guys in town with targets on their backs. 

2. Free Smoke (3-1, Streak L1, Last Week: 1)

Despite a 41-point performance from Tyler Gibbs in Week 4, it wasn’t enough to retain the top spot, as they fell to Hard Work. I still believe in this team, if they have their full squad every week…but this is a league where showing up makes a huge difference in rankings. If Hard Work makes a misstep, this team will be waiting.

3. HitMen (2-1, Streak W2, Last Week: 5)

Impressed by Adam Hamilton’s commitment, as he was in Vegas with me for a tournament, and still made it back in time for the first game of the night in Week 3 to help his team capture another win, finishing with 10 points, 7 boards, and 7 assists in their 100-82 victory. KJ Davis, Skyler Laird & fellow PV writer Daniel Thomas had their best games of the season, and the team looks to be clicking on all cylinders and are also leading the league in points allowed with 73.7 points allowed per game. Scary team to be sitting at No. 3.

4. Always Reppin (2-2, Streak W1, Last Week: 3)

Julio Beswick with a HUGE return to the league during this team’s double header last week. He poured in 56 points (60 percent shooting), 8 rebounds, and 6 assists to lead Always Reppin’ past Buckets & Stops in OT 107-103. Unfortunately for Always Reppin’ they took an ugly L to Laces & Braces in their other game in Week 3. This team was already pretty deep, but with Julio in the mix, things definitely look a lot better for them.  

5. YLie (1-3, Streak L3, Last Week: 4)

A nice double-double return for captain Xavier Carter with 22 points and 11 rebounds, but this team is on a three-game losing streak with a 1-3 record now. There is still time for them to turn their season around.  YLie faces Laces & Braces next, another one-win team in the first matchup of the night at 5 P.M.

6. Laces & Braces (1-2, Streak W1, Last Week: 7)

Frank Contreras and Darrylon Lane went bananas with a 29 point and 11 rebound double-double, and a 20 piece with a side of 10 assists. Shoutout to Chris West for shooting a game high 78% and knocking in 14 points for his team. Laces & Braces finally got their first win last week in a 90-69 victory over Always Reppin’, and got their confidence going. Perfect timing as they have their double header this Sunday against YLie and Buckets & Stops, who both have a combined win total of 1. This could be a turnaround for Laces & Braces and can come away this week with a winning record. Stay tuned, people!

7. Buckets & Stops (0-3, Streak L3, Last Week: 6)

Big production in Week 3 from Tyreese Watts, Lavione West, and Daisjion Draper. With the highest PPR of the team for Week 3, Daisjion is starting to look like the Daisjion we all know. These guys are definitely hungry for a win. Bottom line ranking for this team: They are still winless.

 Good luck to all teams!