These are My Power Rankings Not the Standings

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WESTMINSTER: Week 5 Power Rankings

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

1. Fire Squad Elite (3-1)

Fire Squad Elite torched Oh Boy 120-68 in a game Oh Boy said "no mas" with four minutes left in the game. Alfredo Garcia was holding the flame thrower as he hit 15 3-pointers for a new Westminster Ultimate Hoops record. Zach Snyder had another 20 points and 20 rebounds game as Oh Boy had no one able to box him out, with everyone flying out to the 3s Alfredo was knocking down. Second in points scored (93.3) as well as points allowed at (76.3) and assists (19.5). A pretty soft schedule down the road, I see them at No. 1 in the standings sooner rather than later. 

2. Tha Crew (3-1)

Another team breaking 100-plus was Tha Crew with 130 to 87 over The Hoopers.  33, 30, 25, 27 no, not lotto number picks, Jeremy Vaughn with 33 points, Jaliel Randle with 30 points, Kevin Love 25 points and Duvaliar Johnson with 27 points. Also jumping to a tie in points scored at No. 2 with (93.3) Tha Crew is tried and true. This maybe a ground breaking season for this group. By far their best start in a season.

3. Buckett Getterz (3-1)

Erick Saengchanh has Buckett Getterz on a three-game win streak. They smacked the Under Dogs down the stretch with two killer outings by Myron Puryear and Jarret Green. Myron with a 50 piece Mcnugget where he missed and got his own rebound a good 7-8 times. Right place right time or stat stuffing? You be the judge. Jarrett was a sniper (shooting 46 percent on the season) and in game did some dirty work grabbing a bunch of boards. This team is rolling right now still waiting to see them against the big dogs. No. 1 in the standings as of now 

4. MGTOW (3-1)

MGTOW was in the building last week handing Impact their first lose of the season. 95-87 over the No. 1 seed in my best Eddie Murphy voice, "That man Marvin Augustin can play some ball" 35 points, 23 rebounds and 7 assists. Yessir with the help of Sam Stoveal and Denzel Valerio both getting 20 points and hitting huge shots down the end. They are second in rebounding, averaging 43.5 per game, so they can control the pace of every game. Aaron Lohmann has his boys hungry for war; still a couple battles left to see where they stand.

5. Impact Basketball (3-1)

Taking the L was Impact Basketball to MGTOW to drop them to the lowest they probably have ever been in my rankings. Beau Barney had 21, as he had Marvin flying at him most of the game and guarding him. Ryan Mathews also was a little off missing a couple free throws when I have known the guy since high school. He doesn't miss many free ones. They have also dropped in the scoring department ranking fifth in the league. This is one of those games that they will shake off, but I wonder if MGTOW will have the edge come playoffs should they meet?

6. Oh Boy (2-2)

"Oh Boy" and I mean that on a two-game slide is team Oh Boy who just got stomped by Fire Squad Elite losing by 50. Oh Boy has had these thing when guys don't show up and are not constantly coming week in week out they get all out of whack. Vince Rogers was absent, Bradley Newton M.I.A. and Eric Belsar wasn’t aware. These guys play a huge role for the team in my absence since I am on Hand Down Man Down for the season. Third in assists with 18 a game. So still spreading it around but need guys there to start laying the ground work. This team needs to build some heart after the last two. 

7. Long Shots (1-2)

The 1-2 Long Shots are team that is coming. They picked up their first win of the season over H.D.M.D mainly off offensive rebounds which they were one shy of 10. Derek led the way again with 27 points and he was just trucking his way thru the lane. Josh Medina saw the light as two weeks ago couldn't get one to drop then the next week he drops 19 points looking like Steph Curry out there. A lot to look forward from this team in the next couple weeks. With the group they got they should be taking off in the next couple weeks.

8. The Hoopers (1-3)

Chris Ellis and his Hoopers got worked as they had no answer for Tha Crew. They went Deebo on them took their chain and everything. The Hoopers are only suiting five so they are just getting tired too quick. Rammy Alabssi ileads the team in scoring with 21 points per game. Little silver lining with Joe Vigil starting to really show what he is capable of with 17 points and 9 rebounds. Still trying to get back from last season’s ankle injury.

9. Under Dogs (0-4)

Under Dogs took two steps back this week as they got pounded by the Bucket Getterz. They did have Jay Hairston put up 17 points but that was about it. They really didn't show any signs of running any offence, and on defence they gave up probably 40 points on fast break layups and allowed a guy to drop 50. They need some help.