Pre-Thanksgiving Battle Awaits

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GREEN VALLEY OPEN: Week 6 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Flight Vegas (3-0) vs. Ball 4 Life (1-2)

This will be a rematch from the week two contest where Flight Vegas defeated Ball 4 Life by six points. I know that Ball 4 Life's Taurean Green and Milos Knezevic will be locked in and ready to slow down Flight Vegas. Zach Dean will most likely go up against David Murtha and it's going to be an huge battle down low for the boards.

Watch out for Ali Sabra and Vernon Clemens to be big-time difference makers for Flight Vegas and possibly wear out Ball 4 Life. Both teams have superb weapons that will score plenty of points, and I can see Flight Vegas winning another one against Ball 4 Life late in the game.

Prediction: Flight Vegas -4

UnderDogs (3-0) vs. RudeDogs (1-3)

The battle of the Dogs as the UnderDogs will square off against the RudeDogs in a rematch from week one where the UnderDogs put a beating on the RudeDogs. Last week for the RudeDogs was a day they want to forget as they got blown out by Ball 4 Life. I know that whoever shows up for the RudeDogs will be ready to go and angry. Let's see if Travis Sobers and Leonard Mitchell lll shows up and makes a difference guarding the powerful UnderDogs. Hopefully Khalid Cannon grabs a ton of boards and and provide that extra spark for the RudeDogs. 

The UnderDogs are a fast, scoring team that plays in transition so well. John Loyd is going to be on the RudeDogs' radar and they can't let him be open a lot or else they'l be in trouble. Let's see if Duelle Thomas Gore shows up as he was absent last week. He'll be a quality difference maker for the UnderDogs and if he and Cannon guard each other down low, boy will this be a fun one to watch. Watch out for Dylan Hansel and Adam Rellah to pour down three after three and Dominique Lawrence to record another double-double for the win.

Prediction: UnderDogs -11