The Last of the Undefeateds


METROWEST DRAFT: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Taylor Pettiford | MetroWest League Coordinator

In our penultimate week of the MetroWest regular season, seeding implications are baked into each of tonight’s four matchups. Only one undefeated team remains in all of Boston following the matchup of the season last week. And while two first-round byes have been locked up, the third is up for grabs as are dozens of middle-of-the-pack seeds.

1. BUCKETS GALORE | 6-0 (2)

The last of the undefeateds. Following their big win over Classic Barbershop in Week 6, Buckets Galore sits alone atop the standings and are in the driver’s seat for a first-round bye. Roland Millien (32 points, 10 rebounds) led the way with his performance and his vocal leadership en route to the victory. Unfortunately for BG, they won’t have Millien’s services against the red-hot Hustle in Week 7. Captain Yemi Ajao and Jude Valmeus will have to shoulder the load, if the team hopes to stay undefeated.


Classic suffered a heartbreaking loss in Week 6’s battle with Buckets Galore. On the bright side, they only lost by six points and were in the game from start to finish. On the down side, however, their offense looked out of sync without its usual fluidity and with no shooting to keep BG’s defense honest. Jay Resto, Patrick Luckett, Keyon Armstrong and Jimmie Melton were all held under their season scoring averages. They played great defense, but they’ll need to put the ball in the basket more than they did in Week 6, if they hope to truly contend for a state championship. It’s a quick turnaround for the squad as Week 7 brings them. 

3. STAMPEDE | 4-2

Wally Callam for manager of the year? It’s looking likely. Most scratched their heads at Wally’s pre and post-draft trades. He moved a first and second round draft pick to move up three spots, traded away his point guard before Week 1, traded his point guard’s replacement following Week 1 and took on a player who had been spurned by his former team (Niko Whitehead) before the trade deadline. Yet, here we sit heading into Week 7 and Stampede is one win away from locking down a first-round bye. Tommy Hubbard’s (40 points, 13 rebounds, 5 assists) play has been Ultimate Player-worthy and the team has a chance to deal a deflating blow to Classic Barbershop in Week 7.

4. HUSTLE | 3-3

In Week 5 we saw a flash of Hustle’s potential with their annihilation of the Rebels. In Week 6, however, we saw that Hustle’s success likely won’t be just a flash. Without league-leading rebounder Tomas Morales in the lineup, Joel Katana (36 points, 13 rebounds) led Hustle to a key win over Ballaholics. Morales is expected to return for their Week 7 matchup against Buckets Galore which could spell danger for Boston’s last undefeated team.


Records can be deceiving. Black Mambas have twice as many losses as wins, but have a combined point differential of -10 in over three of their four losses. Translation: If one or two possessions go their way during those losses, we’re looking at a 4-2 or 5-1 team instead of a 2-4 one. Arch Mitchell’s boys keep plugging away, but have struggled to close out games. As we get closer to playoff time, Jose Roman, Devon Frye and Kenny Dennis’ consistent contributions will be crucial to their success whereas we typically know what we’re going to get from Mitchell.

6. WARRIORS | 1-5 (8)

The Dubs impressed in Week 6 with their first win of the season hanging 93 points on the woeful Rebels. Sam Longwell (33 points, 13 rebounds, 4 assists, 5 steals) and Guy Pistone (29 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists) led the way for the previously winless squad. Their ball movement and pace of play is among the best in the league. While they could still use Octavio Cruz’s help whereas most defenses won’t be the revolving door that was their Week 6 opponent, the win is a welcome sign of hope before the fast-approaching playoffs.

7. REBELS | 2-4 (6)

Seldom have we seen a team more dejected than the Rebels look right now. Heads hung low, not communicating with one another, defeated. For a team that just two weeks ago was in the driver’s seat for a first-round bye, it’s shocking to see them now battling to stay out of last place. While Shane Coleman (28.7 ppg, 9.5 rpg) and Aaron Anniballi (22 ppg, 5 rpg) are having impressive rookie campaigns, they’re about the only bright spot of this murky season for the Rebs. They’ve got two weeks to turn it around and change the way the play. If they don’t, they’ll be a first-round exit come playoff time.

8. BALLAHOLICS | 1-5 (7)

The last time the Ballaholics won a game, the sun was setting in the sky about an hour and a half later than it does today. With Nick Kineip, Mike Perreault, Kevin Johnson and Kevin Neal, this team has firepower and is capable of hanging triple digits on most any opponent. But for all their offensive weapons, they lack fluidity and their attack often looks like a battle for who’s going to get that possessions’ shot. With that being said, however, this is NOT the type of low seed you’ll want to see in the first or second round of the playoffs.

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