Locker Room Talk Will Keep The Streak Alive

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FOLSOM: Week 7 Predictions

By Cory Gregersen | Folsom Media Associate

6 P.M. - Locker Room Talk (5-1) vs Game Time (4-2)

Locker Room Talk is coming in hot after staging a late comeback vs the Expansions last week. Look out for the dunking tandem of Mike Martz and Joe Visman, who look to extend their win streak with aggressive offense and lockdown defense. Locker Room Talk will also feed Tanner Phelps and the relentless Logan Ahiln to No. 1.

Game Time is coming off their second loss of the season but still look like a complete team and legitimate contender for the banner. They have played in multiple low scoring games, but I predict this one to be different. Look for Billy Blankenship to have 10-plus assists, while Zack Jacobs and Tyler Alexander both put up at least 20 points. If they can stop LRT’s fast break points, they will have the advantage.

Prediction: Locker Room Talk 84, Game Time 81

7 P.M. - Chuck Taylors (2-4) vs Ballbarians (4-2)

Classic matchup between arguably the best two players in the league, Mark Payne and James Doran. However, there will be eight other players on the court that will decide the game. Virender Shergill of the Ballbarians has shown that he can be the difference maker for this game, keep an eye out for his fast pace and excellent court vision. I also expect to see Scott Lacrosse, Carson McMutery, and Chris Wadsworth to deposit some points for the Ballbarians.

On the other side of the court, Chuck Taylors will need some quality performances. Dan Barber is a proven shooter, but look for Ricardo Andrade and Matt Pederson, who will be cutting through the key and grabbing rebounds all night. Chuck Taylors will need to defend against the 3, and play smart on offense if they want the win.

Prediction: Ballbarians 78, Chuck Taylors 66

8 P.M. - Expansions (3-3) vs Scrappy Hour (0-6)

Scrappy Hour has been decimated by injuries this year, but that doesn’t mean they are out of contention. As a team they are last in the league in scoring, but all they need is a little momentum and they can turn it around. Look for Dillon Gugin and Vuk Mitic to drive and dish to their shooters Derrek Mason and Jack Smith, while Sanj Bagai and Nick Armocido crash the boards.

The Expansions are looking to bounce back after collapsing late last week. Alex DiManno and Erik Kagan will continue to play at a high level, while Bryan Todd and Josh Rucker provide key stops and clutch shots. The key for them is to communicate on defense and prevent second chance points for Scrappy Hour. I see the Expansions playing a patient game, finding the open shot, and giving Scrappy Hour another loss.

Prediction: Expansions 83, Scrappy Hour 72

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