Last Game Before the Turkey Weight Sets in


WESTCHESTER: Week 6 Predictions

By Cody Martin | Westchester League Coordinator


’98 Knicks (1-4) vs Mazzaone Drainer’s (3-2)

This game will be a true test of will. Both teams have strong players and have had great moments. Mazzacone has had a better season, but don’t let that fool you. If not for a couple of plays ’98 Knicks could be the favorite coming into this game. If Mike DecCcco and Boo Burford turn things up this one could go either way.


Massa Coastal (5-0) vs Illmatic (2-3)

Last time these two teams matched up it didn’t look good for Illmatic, but they have had a long season of growing and learning their personnel and they look good. Both teams are tough and can score in a hurry, but with the week Massa had last week, I can’t imagine them not coming back to try and win another one.


ManDown (2-3) vs Shake & Bake (2-3)

I don’t foresee a repeat happening like last time these two teams faced off. ManDown is good, but Shake & Bake is going to come out swinging. They are not going to lay down and let ManDown walk all over them. Look for them to turn things around and keep this thing close all game.