Generals and Lakers Set for a Classic

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PRINCETON: Week 5 Predictions

By Phil Jackson | Princeton League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Princeton Pelicans vs. The Fundamentals 

It's a battle for their second win of the season. The Fundamentals combo of Ashwin Narra, Javian Clarke, and Nakul Rao have proven to be a lot to handle against their opponents this season. The Pelicans however are equipped with sharpshooting guards Marquis Noble and Shawn Davis and look to go 2-0 against The Fundamentals this season. The Fundamentals have the edge on paper but the Pelicans are coming out on top of this one again.  

Prediction: Princeton Pelicans 56, The Fundamentals 53

8 p.m. - Princeton Generals vs. Life Time Lakers 

Do I need to provide real analysis for this one? The Generals have yet to be bested and even on their worst night have been able to pull out win after win. This game will be decided in exciting fashion however and I predict will come down to the final play. 

Prediction: Princeton Generals 74, Life Time Lakers 71

See you on the court!