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TEMPE DRAFT: Week 8 Power Rankings

By Adam Butler | Tempe Media Associate

What’s up Tempe! As we look ahead to the playoffs, we’re wrapping up the regular season on Monday. Most of the seedings are set, but let’s look into the final week’s power rankings. 

1. Keepin’ it A Bean (7-0)

Clinching the number-one seed last week, KIAB is on easy street this week. Jw Dunbar will be going against his BFF Aaron Oakes this week in the battle of the buff dudes. With the best offense in the league, I have no doubt they’ll finish off their undefeated season. 

2. Divine Intervention (6-1)

Not surprised that DI is number one in rebounds and points allowed. Lionel Pehoua is capping off his MVP campaign while leading the team with 29 points and 18 rebounds. I’m expecting them to make a decent playoff run. 

3. Not Going (5-2)

Shooting a league-leading 70 shots per game, Not Going is not afraid of letting it fly. Last week they shot 46 3-pointers last week, and only connected on 14 of them (30 percent). That was enough to lose to the number-one seed last week. Hopefully their shooting percentage increases for the playoffs, otherwise it’s a first round exit. 

4. West Side Connected (3-4)

Monster game from Cam Badgett last week, but they still let him sit on the 3-point line. That being said, the whole team shot a brutal 24 percent from deep last week. Shoutout KC Hooks in his breakout season. Definitely most improved in my book. My only advice for the team is: shoot better. That’s all. 

5. Shooting Slumps (2-5)

Word around town is team chemistry still isn’t all that great, but they still got another win last week led by Xavier Sanchez’s 41 points and 12 assists. They couldn’t miss as they shot 54 percent from beyond the arc. They’ll have to keep it up if they don’t want to get bounced out of the first round. 

6. FndF (1-5)

Shockingly enough, FndF hasn’t had the same five people on the court since Week 1. So with that, there hasn’t been any chemistry all season. Hopefully tomorrow there will be subs, or else the whole squad is playing 44 minutes of both games. 

7. Slice N Dice (0-7)

Another team full of chemistry mishaps. Losing Masih Muhammad AND captain Dwayne Duncan Jr, they call up Jordan Guy for the last game and the playoffs. Should be good, but you never know. 

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