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FORT WORTH: Week 7 Power Rankings

By James Jones | Fort Worth League Coordinator

Separation Week slightly lived up to the billing as all six teams had a chance to put some space between themselves and their closest competitor. The two big winners of the night for position were the Pink Flamingos and Ball Don't Lie who both made powerful statements in their victories. So was enough to shuffle the league hierarchy? Gabe Brown, Pink Flamingos Captain, continues to question the lack of respect, will this week be any different?

1. Pink Flamingos (5-1)

The Birds continue to mirror last year's championship run by losing the season opener and then running the tables. The table continues to be set for that potential but will the end result still be the same? That remains to be determined.

They didn't listen to experts calls to get Tony more playing time and shots but seem to have still managed to get over the hump as they had a very convincing win over LT Colleyville. Both Chad Rykhoek and Cody Brazelton have just about cemented their names on the ballot for league MVP with two games to play as both led the way with 20 and 18 points, respectfully. After their Week 1 disastrous loss they have clawed back and rightfully earned the top spot, for now. 

2. Ball Don't Lie (4-2)

Surprised? Shouldn't be. They are the second hottest team in the league with a three-game winning streak. They also have an identical record as LT Colleyville but hold the head-to-head victory as the deciding factor.

This team is pretty balanced and for the most part have played well all season but have really clicked as of late. They jumped out to a double-digit lead against the Rough Riders, lost it, got down by as many as eight, but managed to pull out the win in overtime. This group is battle tested and that should prove noteworthy come playoff time. If Carl Granger plays the next two games and playoffs like he has the past three games, he too will be on the MVP Ballot. 

3. LT Colleyville (4-2)

This week's game did not look like the Colleyille team we have seen most of the season. You definitely have to give props to the Birds defense holding Colleyville to a season-low 37 points.

We have witnessed the team's ability to shoot lights out and they are a good offensive team. However, they lack size and if the shots aren't falling and you can't get easy buckets, the game becomes more difficult. Don't count this group out, they for sure will be in the mix during the playoffs. 

4. Rough Riders (3-3)

This team is athletic and will be no easy task for any team to defeat come playoffs. Dominique Burnett continues to lead this team in just about every category. Don't know what is more remarkable, his will to win or his hate to lose. Chemistry, not talent, will be the only downfall of this team.

5. Pine Riders (2-4)

The prediction last week for the first game between Pine Riders and HFTC was right on. It was UGLY. The good news for this group was they got off the losing skid. Dwayne McDonald continues to be a beast that I'm pretty sure no one wants to bang with in the paint. Defense or lack there of will determine the success of this group down the stretch. As I am sure other teams are experiencing too, nagging injuries are a plenty in this group. 

6. HFTC (0-6)

They were in a battle this past week as it was a five-point game with four minutes to play against the Pine Riders. HFTC knew they had a good chance at a win and they played liked it. Victor Manta led the way 16 points. Not having a few subs may have contributed to running out of steam at the end of the game. I have come to expect them to play hard every game regardless of score, I hope that stays the same. 

See you on the court!

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