Movin’ On Up

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FRANKLIN: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Patrick Forrest | Franklin Media Associate

1. The Monstars (4-0)

The Monstars pulled the bye this week, getting some time off and come back to the court to continue the undefeated streak.

2. Commissioner’s Choice (3-2)

Commissioner’s Choice has the first upset and biggest win of their season, dominating DS from start to finish in a 72-50 victory.  CC had the mindset from the beginning and executed to the very end to pull out the W. 

Their defense was swarming, going with man to man in hopes of stifling the three-point shooting of DS, CC held DS to 10 percent from beyond the arc.  Leading the way offensively was Zach Leonard, who had 25 points and 10 rebounds.  Alex Sweet was also in double figures with 12 points and Jared Seaton pulled down 10 offensive rebounds to extend possessions for Commissioner’s Choice.

3. DS (3-2)

This was easily the worst night on the court for the defending champions.  DS was disjointed and was taken down handily by Commissioner’s Choice, 50-72.  A team that normally prides itself on ball movement and three-point shooting did not have much of either in this matchup.  DS finished the game only making two 3-pointers, and only having 10 assists, both easily their season lows.

Only two players were in double figures Mitch Moeller with 13 points, and Gary Pesta with 11.  Andrew Parker attempted to defend the paint, having a 5-block shot night, and Kale Sligh shot just shy of 70 percent, only missing once the entire night.  Both efforts were not nearly enough to get it done, we’ll see which direction DS season goes after this tough night.

4. Ace In the Cole (2-3)

An easy affair for Ace in the Cole, dispatching of an injured Fly Agents team 82-65.  This game had a weird and quiet vibe from the tip, but Ace In the Cole never faltered.  Eli Ziegler had a huge night, filling up the stat sheet with 34 points on 74 percent shooting, 9 rebounds, and 5 assists. 

Bryan Kimmons had his best night of the year, scoring 16 points and pulling in 7 rebounds.  Really everyone on Ace In the Cole had a positive contribution, with almost every player scoring in double figures or having double digit rebounds.

5. Fly Agents (0-5)

Still searching for their first win on the season the Fly Agents were dealt a terrible blow in the 65-82 loss to Ace In the Cole.  Starting the game with only five players to begin with, leading scorer and best player Greg Leifel went down with an injury, forcing the Fly Agents to finish out the game in an impossible scenario. 

Aaron Anderson and Caleb Kleibscheidel did all the could to keep the Fly Agents close, scoring 14 and 21 points respectively.  Kleibscheidel had a team-high 14 rebounds, with Ross McNabb just behind with 13.  With a full squad the Fly Agents have a solid team, they’ll need their attendance to step up and hope that the injury to Leifel is not serious.