HitMen Hold onto Top Spot


PALM VALLEY: Week 6 Power Rankings

By Vinnie Thepsourinthone | Palm Valley Media Associate

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, teams are handing out buckets and giving out “Thank you, NEXT” cards. We got some movement this week in the rankings, and a few squads making a final push for a higher tournament seeding…let’s get to it.

1.  HitMen (4-1, Streak W4, Last Week: 1)

This team is cruising to a first place finish right now, and this week will be a big test for these guys, as they enter into a double-header against Always Reppin’ at 7 p.m. and Buckets & Stops at 8 p.m. The team is clickin’ and rollin’ and should have no problem finishing as the top team if they continue their unselfish play, and defense, as they are the top team allowing only 71.4 points per game to opposing teams. Are we surprised???...they have multiple DPOY winner Adam Hamilton and Manning Watts….these boys are the Bash Bros of PV.

2.  Always Reppin (4-2, Streak W3, Last Week: 3)

Another day in the office for Julio Beswick with a 60-point game and getting national recognition this week. I was unaware of this becoming a regular thing for him and this team, but they are ROLLIN! Let’s not forget they added Danny Dziedzic who can snipe you from any spot on the court, after losing James Pupillo this season. Tons of weapons on both ends of the floor, and is going to be a tough matchup for anybody the rest of the season, and come our version of the Freakin’ Catalina Wine Mixer, aka the Ultimate Hoops Draft League State Tournament in Tempe.

3. Free Smoke (4-2, Streak W1, Last Week: 4)

Gave another victim last week some smoke, as they are now 4-2. With an easier stretch remaining against lower ranked teams, they just might finish at the top of the rankings by the end of the season if things fall their way. Yeah, I said it.

4. Hard Work (3-2, Streak L2, Last Week: 2)

Since starting 3-0, this team is now 3-2 and on a two-game losing streak. Despite Gabriel Cunningham going sicko mode for 40 points, and 14 rebounds, Hard Work was not able to pull away with a victory against Buckets & Stops, as they lost last Sunday 87-96. Look for this strong backcourt group to bounce back with a favorable game against the last place team YLie this week.

5. Buckets & Stops (2-4, Streak L1, Last Week: 6)

Tyreese Watts continues his tear into Ultimate Hoops averaging 30.8 PPG and helping Buckets & Stops rise in the rankings. With one of the toughest double-headers I’ve seen last week, they were able to steal one from Hard Work, and improve their record to 2-4. It still doesn’t look easier for these guys with the remaining schedule against the HitMen and Free Smoke. Can these guys finish the season at .500?

6. Laces & Braces (2-4, Streak L2, Last Week: 5)

This season’s name change from Knee Braces & Shoe Laces, to the more generic Laces & Braces, must be to account for the additional types of braces needed this season (ankle, neck, mouth…etc) but don’t be fooled…when this team has the full roster, I feel like this team can keep up with anybody, BUT they keep getting the short end of the stick when it comes to closing out games. This week they better “Brace” themselves, as they have a tough one against Free Smoke, where having their full roster may come in handy.

7. YLie (1-5, Streak L5, Last Week: 7)  

Isaiah Lopez and Travis Payton need some help on the offensive end BAD. They made up 66 points of their team’s 89 points last week, and will need some more production from their teammates if they want the W’s to follow.

 Good luck to all teams Sunday!