Monster Week for Multiple Squads

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GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 6 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

The Industry (4-1) vs. TD Rayguns (4-1)

This is going to be a close contest throughout as The Industry will face the TD Rayguns in a battle to stay in the top three in the power rankings. The matchup to watch in this one is the TD Rayguns' Dominic Pedotto and The Industry's Marciano Brunette. Both are physical players and grab tough rebounds. Another quality matchup to to look out for is the TD Rayguns' Joshua Watson and The Industry's Terry Cress.

Wow will this be a fine matchup as both are pure, agile scorers that can carry their respective teams in transition. Let's see who will contain The Industry's Derek Adkins, perhaps Oliver Erickson will be up to the task. Joe Paulk of the TD Rayguns only made one 3 last week and is in need of a big-time spark.

This is a tough one to decide as I can see both teams winning this one. The TD Rayguns will win if they get Watson and Erickson going early and often. The Industry has a shot at winning if all of their players stay focused, limit their turnovers and get to the free throw line a lot.

Prediction: The Industry +4

SUNZ (0-5) vs. Dyme Pieces (3-2)

The SUNZ will have some tough competition heading their way as they'll face the Dyme Pieces. The two players that actually have experience playing in the Rec league for the SUNZ is Dallas Wilkinson and Matthew Diedrich, but they didn't play in their loss last week to the Free Agents. The SUNZ need to have these two suit up and somehow keep it a competitive game.

The Dyme Pieces have so many weapons in Dylan Hansel, Tom Gibson, Zach Dean, Josh Ross and a few others. They explode in transition are the second highest scoring team averaging 87 PPG as well as allow the second fewest points 87.4. This one is simply a no brainer as the Dyme Pieces will win and win big.

Prediction: Dyme Pieces -23.5

Sweet "D" (1-4) vs. Artsakh (1-4)

The battle of 1-4 teams commence's as Sweet "D", who to me shouldn't be 1-4, will face Artsakh. Hopefully Sweet "D" gets Cody Howard back to stay down low and grab some boards as he's was absent last week. Kenny Oakley and Dylan Ellis will spark Sweet "D" in this one as they will run in transition and play lockdown defense. Watch out for Dakota Wadkins to have a stellar game and show Artsakh who's the boss.

Brenden Graves is going to have to do a whole lot for Artsakh to stop Sweet "D", but it can be done. Let's see if Harry Goumroian can repeat his performance from downtown as he put up six of them last week. I just can't see Sweet "D" losing another game, especially to a lower-ranked team.

Prediction: Sweet "D" -6

Houdini (4-1) vs. Wynners (3-2)

We're going to see a lot of shots attempted in this one as the top-ranked Houdini will face the Wynners. I know that if anyone can beat Houdini, it's the Wynners as they have a ton of players that can make a solid impact all game long. For starters, GM Nick Guidice is back to his scoring ways and is being more aggressive in the second half of the season. His addition of Brenton Van has proved worthy as he's averaging a team-high 12.4 rebounds per game and 2.4 steals per game, also a team high. His 21.6 PPG is also helpful too, especially when you have other weapons to mix and match from. Watch our for Julian Cohen and Matthew Darcel to be key pieces and contain some of Houdini's guys.

Ever since Houdini lost their first game of the season to the Diplomats, it's been a complete 360. They have solid pieces like Michael Carboni and Charlie Farber that go on huge runs and they rarely foul too. Josh Rollans will be guarded quite a bit and I know that he'll make smart decisions down low. Let's see how Daniel Bower does against the Wynners' Van and/or Dallas Halasz and if Bower gets to free throw line a lot, that will be huge. This will be a close game from the start and somehow, someway, Houdini will get their shots to go down against a powerful Wynners team.

Prediction: Houdini -4

Lifetime Lakers (2-3) vs. RudeDogs (5-0)

Shawn Monegan's Lifetime Lakers will have a tough test against Dan Orozco's RudeDogs. Will Chris Mellor of the Lakers have the task of guarding Khalid Cannon? If he does, he's going to have to have his best game of the season. If it's not him, perhaps we'll see Alex Epstein guard Cannon, although he played his first game of the season last week so you never know. The Lakers haven't had a prolific scorer this season and it's going to take everything they have to slow down the RudeDogs. 

The duo of D'Andre Henderson and Ben Carey have been huge pieces from downtown and I know they'll make their shots from distance. As he has been since his arrival, Vernon Clemens will the player of the game and spark the RudeDogs to another win.

Prediction: RudeDogs -8

Free Agents (1-4) vs. Diplomats (2-3)

Patrick Guerrero's Diplomats will look to move to .500 as they'll face the Free Agents. The Diplomats simply struggled last week to make their shots as Jo Ash Atienza only scored eight points. He'll have no problem scoring in double figures and potentially getting a season high in points. If Andrew Power suits up, man will be have an explosive game down low. 

Ken Weng of the Free Agents will need to carry the Free Agents just like he did last week. I know he's an accurate shooter and even though he went 1-6 from downtown, he'll need to be aggressive in this game. The duo of Ryan Stanford and Joseph Roselle will be two guys that the Diplomats will look out for, but I know the Diplomats can stop the Free Agents early and often.

Prediction: Diplomats -10