Houdini Shows The Industry Who's The Boss


GREEN VALLEY REC: Week 6 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Houdini (4-1)

Houdini took care of business and knocked off the top-seed The Industry 70-53 as Houdini is now the No. 1 ranked team in the Rec league. Michael Carboni was feeling it all game long scoring a game-high 21 points on 10 boards, good enough for his second double-double of the season. The duo of Cory Argubright and Charlie Farber scored 14 points apiece and man did Houdini share the ball a lot, getting 19 assists. We saw a lot of mixing and matching in this one and even though they didn't out-rebound The Industry, it was still an impressive display we saw.

2. RudeDogs (5-0)

The RudeDogs were so close as far as covering the spread (17.5-point favorites), but they still won by16 points against the Diplomats. GM Dan Orozco knew what he was doing in creating this team as he has so many weapons. Vernon Clemens had a terrific game scoring a game-high 25 points making five treys. D'Andre Henderson got himself 23 points making six from downtown, while Ben Carey collected 16 points. Even though Nick "Bean" Rainey only scored five points, he grabbed 10 rebounds and played the most minutes for the RudeDogs. The final stretch of the season will be a big test for the RudeDogs as two of their three remaining games are against top-tier squads.

3. The Industry (4-1)

The dynamic duo of Derek Adkins and Marciano Brunette scored 16 points apiece, but it wasn't enough to stop Houdini as they fell by 17 points. The Industry out-rebounded Houdini 45-34 with Brunette grabbing a game-high 13 rebounds, but they couldn't stop some of Houdini's transition players. The Industry also forced Houdini to get to the free throw line a lot and they must work on playing even more lockdown defense. I know The Industry will bounce back from this for sure.

4. TD Rayguns (4-1)

A solid, all-around win for the TD Rayguns as they beat the Lifetime Lakers 68-61. Oliver Erickson was feeling it all in this one scoring a game-high 19 points, shooting 56 percent from the field. The TD Rayguns' leading scorer Joshua Watson scored 17 points on 10 rebounds and was 5-6 from the charity stripe. Gerald Meggett had a solid game scoring 14 points and was a big difference-maker, as he has been all season long in his four games he's played. What was impressive was them shooting 17-21 from the charity stripe and they played a very aggressive game getting to the paint a lot. 

5. Wynners (3-2)

This may be the win that the Wynners needed to remain in the top half of the rankings as they beat Sweet "D" 81-73. What a game from Brenton Van as he scored a game-high 30 points on 14 rebounds as well as grabbing four steals. He's been a huge addition for the Wynners and is a solid player. GM Nick Guidice is once again back to his scoring ways he put up 24 points on and insane 10 assists. Matthew Darcel earned his first double-double of the season with 13 points and 10 boards and he's a key player to have in transition. Nice work, Wynners.

6. Dyme Pieces (3-2)

Once the Dyme Pieces set foot on the floor against Artsakh, it was game over as they won with a 112-79 final. Everyone for the Dyme Pieces scored in double figures, including Dylan Hansel with a game and season-high 37 points going 6-9 from downtown. Josh Ross had himself a fine game collecting a double-double of 28 points on 11 boards. I was surprised to see Artsakh out-rebound the Dyme Pieces, but yet again, maybe not because the Dyme Pieces shot 63 percent from the field and they forced Artsakh to commit 12 turnovers. Solid game by the Dyme Pieces.

7. Diplomats (2-3)

After starting the season 2-0, the Diplomats have now lost three straight games, with their most recent loss to the RudeDogs. GM Patrick Guerrero scored a team-high 23 points, while Andrew Power played his first game since week three as he earned a double-double of 16 points and 18 rebounds. Johnston Daniels made a team-high five treys scoring 19 points on 11 boards and the Diplomats out-rebounded the RudeDogs 44-41. The Diplomats need to get out of this funk they're in sooner rather than later.

8. Lifetime Lakers (2-3)

The Lifetime Lakers are losers of two straight games as they fell to the TD Rayguns by seven points. We saw way too many 3s being attempted by them as they went 7-33 from downtown. Austin Welch scored a team-high 17 points as he made four from distance. Shawn Monegan did everything he could to try and stop the TD Rayguns, but it wasn't enough as the GM scored 15 points on 9 rebounds. I would've liked to see more out of Chris Mellor as he only scored 9 points. They must share the ball more as well if they want to beat top-tier teams.

9. Sweet "D" (1-4)

Sweet "D" was without some of their key players as they fell to the Wynners by eight points. They were up by one at the half, but couldn't hold onto the lead. Kenny Oakley scored a team-high 21 points on 12 rebounds as he made four from downtown. Chris Johnson had a solid game scoring 15 points as he shot 56 percent from the field and went 3-4 from downtown. What this team is missing is some length and they must do everything they can to out-rebound the opposition all the time.  

10. Artsakh (1-4)

Artsakh out-rebounded the Dyme Pieces 26-24, but they were no match to them as they lost by 33 points. David Abaghanyan scored a team-high 21 points and Harry Goumroain got himself 18 points, making six shots from downtown. They weren't aggressive enough as they only went 3-6 from the charity stripe. 

11. Free Agents (1-4)

The Free Agents finally got their first win of the season as they beat the SUNZ 72-63. Keng Weng was in dire need to get some flow going for the Free Agents and that's exactly what he did getting a game-high 25 points. Joseph Roselle collected a double-double of 20 points on 13 rebounds, while Ryan Stanford also earned a double-double of 18 points on 16 boards. They out-rebounded the SUNZ 48-24 and even though they turned the ball over 16 times, they still got the job done.

12. SUNZ (0-5)

This was truly the SUNZ's only opportunity to get a win in the regular season as they fell to the Free Agents by nine points. Cris Cockrell scored a game and season-high 22 points and Morvell Singh scored 16 points. The SUNZ only shot 36 percent from the field and need to make something out of this season.