Bottom Three Teams Struggle to Find Wins

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WESTMINSTER: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

1. Impact Basketball (3-0)

Impact has done it once again starting out the season on a three-game winning streak after handing Long Shots a loss 91-76. Ryan Mathews led the way with 25 points plus 7 rebounds and Andre Hines also put his stamp on the game as he got on the top players of the week with his performance of 20 points, 15 rebounds and 3 blocks.

Here are some wild numbers, Sufi is back he leads the team in rebounds at (11.3) assists (6.7) and steals (3.0). Impact is ranked first in points at (95.7) as well as points allowed at (72.3). They did struggle last week from deep, shooting 11-34 from the 3-point line for 32 percent to finish the game but that's just one game. Impact at the top the mountain once again.

2. Fire Squad Elite (2-1)

In a hard-fought battle against MGTOW, Fire Squad Elite won by six and jumped back into the No. 2 spot in the rankings. They had the most spread out scoring performance that I've ever seen by this team. All guys were in double digits with three of the guys having 15 points and Tyler leading all scorers with 17 points.

That just shows you how skilled this team has got over the past weeks. The scoring has been high across the league so at 84.7 they rank fourth but are No. 2 in assists so everyone is getting touches. Little UH career, watch Zach Snyder is creeping up on 750 life time rebounds in UH, I will try and get that on Facebook live. Fire Squad on cruise control for now.

3. Bucket Getters (2-1)

On a two-game win streak we have the Bucket Getterz. Led last week by Jarrett Green with 18 points, 5-10 from the 3-point line. Myron Puryear who had 26 points and Daniel Prieto with another double-double of 17 points and 10 rebounds. They battled Hand Down Man Down and ended up winning by six. 

With 15 offensive rebounds they got thru the game and four of them they retrieved late. Three of them off the free throw miss. That put the cherry on the top. Fourth in points allowed at (76.3) in the middle rankings in the rest of the stats. Yet to see a full roster Buckett Getterz are creeping up the rankings pretty nice what they are doing at 70 percent.

4. Tha Crew (2-1)

Tha Crew won by three over Oh Boy to give them a two-game win streak on the season. They were led by Duvalier Johnson with another stat line that put him as one of the top performers this week. 18 points, 9 rebounds, 9 assists and 3 steals just filling up the numbers. They were also ignited by Jaliel Randle's 29-point performance. Jeremy Vaughan also dropped in four 3-pointers at 50 percent shooting behind the 3-point line.

As A.J Soto stepped up for Cay Granger in his absence with 12 points and 7 rebounds. With Ja Randle averaging upwards of 24 points and Cay with double digits in rebounds add in Duval guiding this team at the point guard spot they should be in the top four for the rest of the season. Let's just hope they don't make me eat my words.

5. MGTOW (2-1)

On the losing end of a close battle was MGTOW who lost to Fire Squad Elite 87-81. MGTOW was testing to see where they staked up against one of the best in the league and fell a nibble short. Second in points per game at (92.3), second in rebounds at (44.7) and third in assists with (18.3). So they got the numbers just no big wins over the top teams yet.

Marvin Augustin came in the gym with no warm up and dropped 31 and was 5-10 from the land of deep but that wasn't enough to get past Fire Squad. They were missing Jaden Courage who is their leading scorer so that may have been the guy they were missing and needed. Halfway thru the season I think they are right were they want to be.

6. OH Boy (2-1)

Oh Boy finally got off to a good start by going on a two-game win streak but last week took an L to Tha Crew by three points. DeAndre Molden had another top players performance with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. The rest of the team was unable to help him out as Aaron Townsend only had 6 points and only attempted two 3-pointers…yikes. As well as Vincent Rogers had 13 points and only had one assist. These are not stats that we should ever see from those guys.

Team stats are through the roof for these guys they ranked No. 1 in rebounds at (48.3), assist (21.7), steals at (8.0) and they're the No. 2 team in points allowed at (73.0). All of those numbers are up for this team but need to be able to win big games against top teams. To show they have what it takes when it comes playoff time to be able to take the crown, let's hope they can pull their stuff together as we reach midway of the season.

7. The Hoopers (1-2)

Picking up their first win this season is The Hoopers 99-85 over the Under Dogs. You could tell Chris Ellis and his group wanted this one as he led the team finishing with 20 points. Rammy Alabssi showed why he leads the team in scoring with (22.5) and laid down 26 points with 3 steals. Joe Vigil also had 12 points/7 rebounds in one of his better all around games.

This team is still working without a main scorer let see if they pull together to step up in the points department. They should have a couple more chances to pull off some wins as long as guys show up each week.

8. Hand Down Man Down (0-2)

In another heart breaker was Hand Down Man Down which lost by six to the Bucket Getterz. First in blocks, fourth in steals and ranked third in points allowed at 76.0. So that's great but overcoming two 14-point deficits and not being able to rebound late to give up a winnable game not so great. I had 26 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 blocks to recover from last week’s terrible game.

We also had Micheal Murnan return to the Westminster league. He was second in scorer with 15. If Hand Down wants to put together some wins they need to find some chemistry between one another. All guys kinda know each other it just may take some games. Guys on this team that don't normally score need to do so if they want to put points up.

9. Long Shots (0-2)

Long Shots may have started out 0-2 this season after losing to Impact. But they might be on the verge of a breakthrough. 76-91 and your like Greg "how can they be on the verge of something?"

Well they have been missing Joey McLain one of their top scorers, Josh Medina returned from  vacation and they just added Tyler Kloepfer one of the taller guys in the league to give them some size. Give them a week or two and they should be flying around knocking teams off. Especially with Derek Elliot averaging 30-plus they just need a little D and they should be fine.

10. Under Dogs (0-3)

On the three-game skid is the UnderDogs as they lost to The Hoopers. We did see some signs of life from Jason Kurtz new comer was 6-9 from deep and got his first 20-point game in his UH career. Along with Rodney Anderson 14 points and 12 rebounds.

They were short Adam Scharpf and Danny Gettridge which only left them with five so they were gassed after the first half. If they can get a full roster and assemble some sort of flow in the game they might have something. Until that time they are at the bottom. The word on the street is they should be seven deep this week.