Those Guys Victorious!

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

1. Bhoudini (3-0)

Another game, another easy win for Bhoudini as they defeated the Boozers 91-70. Charlie Farber was a beast as always as he scored a game-high 28 points and shot 73 percent from the field. Daniel Bower had a huge performance this week getting himself 26 points on 10 rebounds, while RJ Wojtowicz recorded five steals and scored 16 points. Edwin Urbina is turning out to be quite the addition this team needed as he put up 17 points and had a game-high six assists. On to the next one for Bhoudini.

2. GoodFellas (3-0)

Job well done by the GoodFellas as they beat Old School 105-78. Christopher Ford is having himself a stat-filled season as he put up a triple-double of 29 points, 17 rebounds and 11 assists. He's averaging a double-double this season and is in the line to be an MVP nominee. Jeff Jones had bounce-back game as he scored 35 points, whereas last week, he put up only 12 points. Ken Lisle had an impressive performance scoring 13 points on 8 boards, while Sam Michelli scored 16 points. This team is going to be tough to beat this season, and let's see what team will make it a close game against this group.

3. Buckeyes (2-1)

Dominic Pedotto was the leading scorer for the Buckeyes as he scored 17 points in their 51-44 win against Old School. They were without Joe Paulk and if he showed up, man we would've seen a much higher scoring game for sure. They made half of their threes (5-10) and weren't in foul trouble that often. 

4. OOMG (2-0)

Even though OOMG has played teams in the bottom half of the rankings, it still looks like it's going to be a great season for them. They crushed the Alcoballics, scoring the most points this week (123). They snatched 59 boards, had a trio of players collect double-doubles (Josh Rollans, Omar Cabahug, Michael Carboni) and even picked up Kenny McNeil. Everyone but McNeil scored in double figures and it looked like they were having fun out on the court. 

5. Old School (1-2)

Alexander Gonzalez was the only player for Old School to score in double figures as he put up 17 points in their loss to the Buckeyes. They only scored 44 points and something needs to be fixed. It's tough to win a game when you only score 44 points, however, the Buckeyes only scored 51 points so you have to give credit to Old School's defense. 

6. RudeDogs (1-2)

Evan Hunt (23 points) and Matthew Diedrich (20 points) sparked the RudeDogs this week, however, they fell big to the GoodFellas by 27 points. The RudeDogs did pick up Jay Fair, who scored nine points as he made three shots from downtown. They just need more prolific scorers and that spark to get quality wins. 

7. Alcoballics (1-1)

Kerry Knoll scored 41 points against OOMG, but it wasn't enough as they lost by 27 points. On the bright side, they still managed to put up 96 points on a very talented OOMG squad. Knoll made 13 3s, while Robert Lew scored 27 points, making five threes of his own. The problem that the Alcoballics have had lately is not taking smart shots and they must do so to make their games close ones. 

8. Boozers (0-3)

Don't know what's going on with the Boozers, but they were without Jason Salerno for the second time in three games this season as they fell to Bhoudini by 19 points. Don Brkovich finally got to his scoring ways as he scored a team-high 26 points and made three 3s. Point guard Greg Goorjian scored 16 points and is the only Boozer to score in double figures in all three games this season. The competition is heating up in the Vet B league and hopefully they can keep up with some of the crappy players.

9. Those Guys (1-2)

Whenever it's 44 Minutes against Those Guys, it's always going to be a competitive game. This time around, it was not 44 Minutes, but Those Guys winning their first game in I can't remember how long. Those Guys won by a 54-47 final and they can thanks some players like Hussain Hassanally scoring 11 points on 13 rebounds as well as Amanda Kelley drilling down threes shots from downtown, scoring 13 points. Zee Shan must be a happy man after finally getting a win. He certainly helped get this win, scoring 19 points on 14 rebounds and got to the free throw line a lot, making seven of them. Finally, Those Guys win!  

10. 44 Minutes (0-3)

It wasn't what 44 Minutes expected going into this week as they had Those Guys' number. They lost their third-straight game of the season and simply put it, couldn't keep up with Those Guys. Michael Cornachio did manage to score a game-high 24 points on 10 rebounds, but 44 Minutes shot a mere 31 percent from the field. It's going to be tough to win another game this season, and we may see a rematch from them and Those Guys in the playoffs.