Never Retire Player of the Month: Aidan Anthony

Aidan is the type of player that just gets it, he only has to hear instruction once and is able to apply what he has learned, which allows him to continually improve. Recently, I gave him instruction to stop twisting and keep his shoulders square while shooting and Aidan immediately applied this method, which has drastically improved the consistency of his shot
— Rashad West, Ultimate Hoops Trainer Raleigh, NC

Our November Never Retire Player of the Month is 10-year-old Aidan Anthony from Raleigh, North Carolina. Aidan plays for the Wake County Basketball Association, a traveling program based in Raleigh.

Basketball is a great outlet for Aidan to take his mind off of things, it instills a team work mindset and gives him a great opportunity to interact with other kids his age

Aidan is a big fan of playing pick-up games with his friends, he says it helps him put the skills he has learned in practice into a game setting.

When asked about his proudest basketball moment, Aidan said it was attending the Coach Keatts NC State Basketball Camp and winning the Hot Shot competition for making the most shots in one minute.

Aidan has been working on his skills with Ultimate Hoops Trainer Rashad West for the past 6 months and really enjoys it.

“Coach West always has a positive attitude and encourages me to keep trying when I make mistakes. He makes improving my skills fun by planning different training activities for my sessions,” said Aidan.

Keep up the great work Aidan. Never Retire!