As the Calendar Changes, some Teams Hope to Change their Fate


SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 4 Predictions

By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Scottsdale Media Associate

We enter a new month today, and with that there are some teams that would like to leave their October performances in the past.  

8 p.m. - Showtime vs James Meng Talent Agency

Another single digit win for Showtime last week to keep their undefeated season alive.  Even without Chance they managed to get up to 100 points.  This could mean trouble for JMTA’s last ranked defense.  Back-to-back 100 point games??

Prediction:  Showtime by 9

8 p.m. - Muppets vs Pup ‘N Suds

The worst offense in the league vs the best offense in the league.  Offense is more exciting so I’ll always side with a high-scoring team and there’s no exception here.  However, this could be a good opportunity for Muppets to reclaim that legendary defensive pedigree. 

Prediction:  Pup ‘N Suds by 6

9 p.m. - Muppets vs All Bizness

There must be a different person playing in Tristan Patrick’s body because 27 ppg is blowing my mind.  On the backend of two games with an already struggling offense, I imagine buckets will be hard to come by for the Muppets.  

Prediction:  All Bizness by 14

9 p.m. - Views From the Swish vs The Incredible Basketball Players

Just like in the previously mentioned game, a struggling offense matches up with a highly-ranked defense.  Warren was off last week and the team picked up the slack, after a night out raiding tombs, I’m thinking the team will have to help out big again tonight if they even wanna compete.

Prediction: The Incredible Basketball Players by 7