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AUSTIN: Week 1 Predictions

By K. Scott | Austin League Coordinator

6:30 pm - Team Finesse vs. Heat

This game will be a feeling-out process for each of these teams. It will a battle of the young gunners vs. the veterans, but these veterans have just enough youth to compete with the younger athletes.

Heat wins 82-75

7:30 pm - Lifetime Elite vs. Professors

These teams have played each other almost a dozen times and the games are usually pretty close. Lifetime Elite’s ball movement has always been a problem for the Professors and we think it will be a problem again. The Professors will need Brandon Nsekpong and John Scott to shoot well to offset the buckets Lifetime Elite will score in their half-court set. We think John will make it a game, but Lifetime Elite pulls it off.

Lifetime Elite wins 77-70

8:30 pm - Arsenal vs. The Blaze

This will possibly be a UH championship preview. This will be a collection of some of the best players in the league, but Arsenal has a slight advantage. Arsenal’s chemistry and slightly better defense will be the difference this time around.

Arsenal wins 85-81

9:30 pm – N.U.K. vs. Shots Fired

The N.U.K.s will have the chemistry advantage and coming off a hard fought championship loss, they are ready to climb back to the top. Shots Fired will play hard and keep it close for the first half, but N.U.K.s will pull it off in the second.

N.U.K.s win 72-68

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