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TEMPE OPEN: Preseason Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

Fall season is finally here in Tempe, and, on the heels of Mike Bibby’s rumored return, we have many of UH Arizona’s powerhouses sneaking back into the mix for what should be one of the most competitive Fall seasons of open play in recent memory.  With Dr. James Naismith’s original protegé Brandon Walker otherwise indisposed, I’m here for your first dose of power rankings.  Let’s dive in.

1. Fine Wine

Mike Bibby and fellow Ball So Hard University alums Adam Bickerstaff & Gabe Sandoval have, sources tell me, more or less reunited the UH juggernaut, trying their best to sneak in under the radar.  No matter what crazy name they choose to go by, until Alex Scales takes his first ever loss, they’re locked in at #1.  Secret weapon: sideline enforcer Cortni Brennan.

2. X-Over

Legendary GM Chris Fisher has reunited what some call the “original Ball So Hard”, and he’ll surely be on a mission to dethrone the champs and reclaim his own spot at the top.  I, for one, am especially looking forward to the return of the high-flying Dewayne Pettus.

3. Show Me Dem Bibbys

Even with yours truly in the front office and major confidence we will rise to the top before long, I can’t ever let bestest bud Steve Bertrand start #1…just wouldn’t be right.  Realistically though, a Christian Bower/Juice Hedrick backcourt will be a problem for all, and Justin Chambers vows to show before the final buzzer.  Look out.

4. Peanut Butter & Jelly

Controversial to put the defending champs at 4 to start?  Definitely.  But with these powerhouses all back in action, it’s a show and prove season for Mario Tavizon & JW Dunbar.

5. Shut Up & Play

11-time champion GM Donald Didlake is starting the season with a BYE.  Even with the talent he (or Lionel Pehoua) has rounded up, missing Week 1 isn’t a hot start.  See you higher up in a few weeks OG.

6. Fleebok

Previously known as Triple B’s, history doesn’t give us championship hopes for these guys, but with Jordanian National Teamer Sami Bzai back and ready for battle, who knows what could happen with the “Treyway Fleebok Brooklyn Boyz”.

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