Dreams & Nightmares: Dream Team looks to wreak havoc in week 1.


BURLINGTON: Week 1 Predictions

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associates

The inaugural season is in the books. The preseason rankings set. It’s game time. In the second season of UH Burlington, we’ll find out early on who is the the real deal. With the addition of two teams and turnover from the first season, this years title is up forgrabs. Let's check out the week 1 matchups.

7:00 – Wolves (0-0) vs. Legendary (0-0)

This game may quietly be one of the better games of the evening. The Wolves pulled in last in our preseason power rankings, but they come in being a bit of a wildcard, as their crew of new guys could surprise us all on opening night. This is also the return game for Octavio Cruz. We know he’ll have to get his legs under him, but if history is any indicator, Burlington will know why Octavio is a five-time champion.

Prediction: Legendary

7:00 – Reformation (0-0) vs. Fire (0-0)

The next 7 p.m. game features two teams that held the 5th and 6th seed in the preseason rankings. Luther Joseney should be fully healthy and ready to lead his team after a subpar summer session. Jean Romulus may be the key to victory, as he will does a little bit of everything, and should be a tough guard for fire. Fire will rely heavily on Chris Brown to perform well, as he will be the teams motor for the season.

Prediction: Reformation

8:00 – $hmoney (0-0) vs. Wildcats (0-0)

GAME. OF. THE. WEEEEEEEK! Last season’s championship run will have no bearing on the Fall session in Burlington, but team chemistry will. The best thing that $hmoney has going for them is that many of them played together last season. As long as Jason LaPlanche has his jumper going, they should be back to championship form. For the Wildcats, Christian Morneweck should be in for a big game, as not many in Burlington can hang with his Athleticism. Fred Giles and Tim McCarthy will should also have good games, which will help this one to come down to the wire.

Prediction: $hmoney

8:00 – The Rox (0-0) vs. Dream Team (0-0)

Thomas “Boston Bane” Morales goes up against his former team in the season opener, and he will be the difference maker. The Rox come in as a team that will need to find chemistry early The last thing they needed was a heavy dose of Bane. If that’s not enough, Wacking Nicolas is coming into the season with something to prove, and with Kyle Draper & Dr. Smiles on his side, there’s no telling how much damage they can do..

Prediction: Dream Team