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BURLINGTON: Preseason Power Rankings

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

After a great inaugural season in Burlington, we’re back for round two! Expansion is the name of the game, as Burlington has grown from 6 to 8 teams in only their second season. And with the expansion comes new faces, some of whom are sure to leave a lasting impact on the Burlington league. Let’s not waste anymore time, here are your Fall 2018 preseason power rankings.

1. $hmoney 

$hmoney enters the Fall season as the reigning champions of Burlington, and they return with some major pieces to their team, including Stephon Prescod. This team will only go as far as team captain Jason LaPlanche can take them. We know that they have what it takes to win it all, but having to defend the throne as the league expands may prove to be a daunting task. For now, with experience, chemistry and leadership, $hmoney sits atop the preseason power rankings.

2. Dream Team 

Dream Team’s roster is very well-rounded. Led by Tomas “Boston Bane” Morales, Dream Team will look to use their size to dominate. Their key to victory will be having a full roster. With only seven players currently on the team, they’ll need everyone to show up and play. This is especially true for Kyle Draper, who’s presence is felt whenever he shows up. Additionally, look for a big season from Brian “Dr. Smiles” Anderson, when his smile heats up it’s hard for him to miss beyond the arch.

3. Legendary

Legendary is new addition to the Burlington league, but they are led by some UH veterans. Making his return to the UH league is Octavio “5 Ring King” Cruz. Octavio comes in as a 5-time UH champion (all in Westwood), and wants to make sure he lives up to his “legendary” status in Burlington. Joined by veterans Khris Padilla and Peter Salem, and a host of UH newcomers, including our Burlington player to watch, 6’5 center Bob Kollius, Legendary takes the early 3 spot in the rankings.

4. Wildcats

Wildcats are another new addition to UH Burlington. The team is heavy with guards, and will be athletic enough to compete for the championship. UH trainer extraordinaire Tim McCarthy looks to make a run at his first Championship. Alongside Christian Morneweck , who’s known for jumping through the roof, this team should be extremely fun to watch.

5. Fire

Fire is a very interesting team coming into the Fall 2018 season. Chris Brown and Calvin Pinney lead a team of veterans looking to leave their mark on UH Burlington. This team should compliment each other well, and Jahleel Moise can find his way amongst the veterans, they may be able to make some noise.  

6. Reformation

Reformations first season didn’t go as planned, but the team is back and better. Reformations brings back a healthy Luther Joseney and Jean Romulus, who have a long history when it comes to playing together. But losing Raynaldi Voyard from being his first round draft pick is going to change the dynamic of how this team operates. For now we will leave them at 5.

7. The Rox

Taking the seventh spot is The Rox. The Rox dominated during the summer session in UH Burlington’s inaugural season. However, the faces and make up of this team has changed drastically. New comers Thomas Ugbesia, Warren Jeter, and Marcus D’Angelis will have to play big roles for the team, but will have league vets like Marquise Ensley taking his first ride in the captain’s chair. We’ll get a better feel for this team once we see what they can bring to the table as a whole.

8. Wolves

Last but certainly not least in the rankings are the Wolves. The Wolves are another new team, and they have a ton of new comers on the roster. We know from last season that Chris Frissore can hit big and timely shots. The story for this team will be building team chemistry and finding a way to pave their own paths within the league. In the draft room they also attained a player to watch who has the potential to be a top 10 guard in all UH Boston in Zach Fahey. Which of the new comers to UH Burlington will be the next big time player?