Who will Look the Best Heading into the Playoffs?


GAITHERSBURG: Week 8 Predictions

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

7 p.m. - Missouri vs Virginia Tech

The last game of the regular season and surely both teams want to hit the playoffs in full stride. Each team is coming off losses in their previous games, so expect this game to be intense. Lately Remy Primas has been frustrated on the court, but tonight we expect him to help his teammates get to the promise land. If they can can get their full roster in uniform, this game should be a game in their favor.

We anticipate that the Eric Nixon-led Hokies will come out firing in all cylinders after taking a step back in the power rankings after that loss to Hampton on Monday. They’re going to need a complete team effort to get back to their winning ways. 

Prediction - Hokies by 2

8 p.m. - Strayer vs Hampton

This will be a huge game as far as seeding goes heading into the playoffs. The Pirates have already locked up the number-one seed, but Stayer is playing for the two-seed and in this game, pride is on the line. Both teams want to flex their muscles and show one another what to expect if they play each other in the playoffs. Raegan Zamena finally had the breakout game his team was waiting on. If he can bring that same energy into tonight’s game it’ll be hard for Strayer to stop Hampton.

There’s never an opponent too great for Strayer though, especially when Shelby Jupiter is playing tough defense. If they can play great team defense and get another big game on the boards by Micheal Smith then they can very well be victorious. Basketball at this level deserves an entry fee, but luckily for us the fans we can watch it for free. 

Prediction- Hampton by 4