Lake Houston Live is Ready to Drown the League 


CHAMPIONS: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Kevin Gill | Champions Media Associate

1. Lake Houston Live (2-0)

Lake Houston might have put on the most dominating display I’ve ever seen Week 2! 🔒 Holding their opposition to four points in the first quarter and 19 at the half was simply mind boggling. Never seen anything like it against a worthy opponent. Anthony Nunn said before the season started he was reloading, but he was clearly being modest. I expect to do a lot of post-game interviews with them this season 😂🎥

2. Bulletts (1-1)

With that impressive win in Week 2, led by Donte Mathis and Larry Mooney it’s only fitting I move them up to number two. The Bulletts have shooters 🎯🏧 all over the court and have the blueprint to take down the number-one ranked team in the league. (LHL) I’m starting to change my tune about where they might finish when this season is all said and done. 

3. Alliance (1-1)

Alliance really got a rude awakening this past week. Colby Williams played well, but was unable to rally the troops and fight back. These are still the defending champs so I’m not all the way out on them just yet put that was a terrible loss. Hopefully this loss will get them refocused because the panic button is nearing.🚨

4. Monstarz (0-2)

Monstarz will remain at the bottom for now after yet again another tuff defeat. Charon Batiste notched his second career triple dub, but yet in all it wasn’t enough. It’s early, and it’s a long season, but at some point they have figure out a way to get off to a fast start. Playing with a lead is always better to withstand those runs that every team will always have. By the way I’m 3-1 in my picks this season. Thanks a lot Monstarz 🙄