Halloween Changes League Night, but not the Power Rankings

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CHARLOTTE: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Justin Polley | Charlotte League Coordinator

Power rankings are starting to begin to take shape, as all teams have one game under their belts. We will find out a lot more in the next few weeks on who is the top team in Charlotte Fall Draft League.


Making their season debut was a breeze, as they took on a Nets team who struggled to score in the first half. Everyone got involved for Ali Waheed’s Warriors Team. Jack Maus & Carlos McDonald handled the point guard duties really nice in their Ultimate Hoops debut.  Ali Waheed & Zuriel Overby contributed 16 points & 10 rebounds, to help lead the Warriors to victory.

2. TEAM HEAT (2-0)

Rishawn Brown and Jerome Lynch continued to carry the scoring for The Heat as they breezed through the Knicks in Week 2. This team continues to get better as weeks go on. It will be interesting to see where they land as the season begins to unwind.

3. TEAM LAKERS (1-0)

Coming off a bye week, the Lakers continue to hold steady at No. 3 in the power rankings. Tim Hartman has his team back in action this week versus the Nets. Can they get all there players there and continue to play fast pace basketball, that’s the question we will answer this week.

4. TEAM NETS (0-2)

Missing Landon Beckwith, Alan Beckwith, and Ozzie Sanchez in Week 2, the Nets struggled to find any consistency in scoring and dropped their second straight game. A full lineup should be present as they take on the Lakers, which makes for a very interesting matchup.

5. TEAM KNICKS (0-2)

Knicks fall to 0-2, even with Andre Procope’s continual good play inside. The Knicks have a much needed bye week coming for them in Week 3, so hopefully the team can get rested and back on track the following week.