Unstuck Legends Face Off for the First Time in UH

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GARDEN CITY: Week 4 Predictions

By Anthony Leo | Garden City Co-League Coordinator

Red Storm (2-1) vs CST Elite (1-2)

Both teams enter Week 4 coming off a loss and will look to bounce back. Right from the start of this game the matchup to watch in this game will be Steven Medard and Rob Sargeant. Both are two of the strongest and most dominant players in the league. The battle they will have around the rim fighting for rebounds will be fun to watch.

The Red Storm on paper have a more talented team top to bottom and if their role players come to play and hit outside shots they will have the advantage. CST Elite doesn’t shoot well from the outside and needs most of their points to come from the inside or in transition. I expect Red Storm to bounce back and get the win in this one.

PICK: Red Storm

Jeurys Familia (2-0) vs Shore Shack (1-1)

This game features a lot of good storylines and fun matchups, but the number one thing everyone will be watching is Craig Rallo playing on opposite sides of Mike Mastro. Mastro and Rallo are the leaders of Unstuck and now for the first time in UH they are on opposite teams in the draft league.

Both teams are very talented, but no team in the league is as deep top to bottom like Jeurys Familia. They have tons of role players who fit into their roles perfectly around Mastro. It will be a good test for them against Shore Shack who have a solid team of their own. The key to this game is how Shore Shack as a team defends in this game. Chris Frey and Shore Shack need to get out the shooters and get out and run. They are an athletic team and play well at a faster pace.

PICK: Jeurys Familia

Threat Level Midnight (1-1) vs Monstars (1-2)

Both teams are coming off big wins last week and will try and keep the momentum going this week. Threat Level Midnight will have the best player on the floor in this game with Donte Howell and I expect him to have another big game. The Monstars do not have anyone who can stay in front of Howell and they will have to more than likely play zone because of it.

The Monstars will play their first game without Kevin Archbold and their offense will change. They should be able to play faster and move the ball around quicker without having to post up Archbold. Making that adjustment on the fly won’t be easy and that could be the difference in this game.

PICK: Threat Level Midnight

Ref Elites (0-3) vs Savage Storm (1-2)

These two teams are struggling more than anyone else in the league right now. Ref Elites remain winless despite being in some razor close games and Savage Storm can’t get on the same page defensively as a team. There is nothing to be said for Ref Elites. It’s very simple they need a win and they need to get any way possible. They are the only team left without a win and that’s not a good look. They will come out ready to play as they try and get in the win column.

Savage Storm has played well offensively lead by Matt Mehler and Chase Jaloza. What they need to do is figure out how to execute a 3-2 zone or play man and learn how to switch and communicate. In the end I think this is another really close game and whoever hits the big shot and gets a big stop will win.

PICK: Ref Elites