Can Jeurys Familia Hold Off Gale Force and Keep the Top Spot?

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GARDEN CITY: Week 4 Power Rankings  

By Anthony Leo | Garden City Co-League Coordinator

1. Jeurys Familia (2-0)

Jeurys Familia remains in the one spot despite not playing last week. They had their bye week early in the season and now have a straight run all the way into the playoffs. Jeurys Familia’s schedule will pick up over the next two weeks with tougher matchups coming their way.

They will take on Shore Shack in Week 4 and Red Storm in Week 5 before they get an easier matchup with the Monstars in week six. It will be a good test for Jeurys Familia after they ran through their first two opponents with no issues. We’ll see how they handle some tougher teams with more talented players.

2. Gale Force (3-0)

Gale Force is now the first team to a 3-0 record this season and one of the two remaining undefeated teams. Gale Force’s offense has been on fire through the first three weeks of the season averaging 85 points per game. Gale Force is built with shooters all over the floor and a big man who can run the floor, block shots, rebound and create on his own.

Gale Force has so many weapons it’s hard to pick and choose because a lot of them can’t be guarded one on one. Richie Byrd has lead the way averaging a near triple double, but the star of this team has been Jenna Halaby who consistently has knocked down shots. Halaby is shooting 46 percent from three-point range this season.

3. Red Storm (2-1)

The Red Storm suffered their first loss of the season last week and they didn’t play well at all. Top to bottom they had poor outings from their most important players and they will try and bounce back in Week 4. In their first two games they looked incredible and they need to get back to that.

This team is at their best when the offense is flowing through Steven Medard. Medard is one of the most dominant players in the league and when he gets the ball within six feet of the basket it’s two points every time. The x-factor for this team every week is how well Matt Gelsomino and Haron Hargraves shoot the ball from the outside. If they are hitting shots they are a dangerous team.

4. Shore Shack (1-1)

Shore Shack makes the quick jump up two spots after their impressive week three win over Savage Storm. Chris Frey and Chris Pisciotta got back out on the floor making their season debuts and made a huge impact. As a team they scored 85 points sharing the ball and moving it around and they only allowed 66 points to Savage Storm who has a pretty decent offense.

If Shore Shack can get on a roll and play fast they will be a dangerous team. The only down side of this team will be their height compared to some other bigger teams, but they will be an excellent run and gun team with their high energy players.

5. Threat Level Midnight (1-1)

Threat Level Midnight struggled in their first game, but they bounced back with a huge win last week over the Red Storm. It’s very early and their team numbers don’t look great right now, but they are still putting all the pieces to the puzzle together.

Until they can get it all figured out they will rely on Donte Howell to carry them and last week he did just that scoring 25 points and controlling the offense. Howell will be in the MVP race all season long as one of the league’s best players. For this team to take the next step they need their role players to step up and have some big games.

6. Monstars (1-2)

The Monstars saved their season last week with a win to avoid an 0-3 start. The win however came at a large price. The Monstars will be without their co-captain Kevin Archbold who suffered a knee injury and could be out for a while. With Archbold out the Monstars need everyone to step up and play a bigger role on the team.

It all starts at the top with Chris Albano and Jake Rosenbloom. Both are the team leaders now and have to put up big numbers to help carry this team. The next step for this team is to try and improve their defensive effort. They are dead last allowing 83 points per game and that must improve.

7. CST Elite (1-2)

CST Elite is coming off a loss to Gale Force, but in the loss, Rob Sargeant had a monster game scoring 42 points and pulling down 22 rebounds. Even with his big numbers the team wasn’t able to get any stops on defense and had trouble keeping up with the ball movement.

For CST Elite to stick around in games they need play better team defense and keep the game low scoring in the high 60’s and low 70’s. It will be difficult for this team to score 80-plus points with their roster that is built around big men who don’t shoot the three ball.

8. Savage Storm (1-2)

Savage Storm has now lost back-to-back games and their defensive numbers are getting worse and worse every week. The communication on defense for this team hasn’t been good and if it continues they will be in trouble.

The one positive for this team is Matt Mehler who has done all he can to carry this team to a win. Mehler is in the top five in the league in points and rebounds per game. He has consistently put up big numbers offensively. As a team they can score the ball and put up enough points to win. They have to get their defense fixed to have a chance to win some games.

9. Ref Elites (0-3)

Ref Elites has been in three very close games that have come down to the final minutes and seconds this season. In all three games they have come up short of the big shot or the big stop on defense to get a win. They have some very talented players, but it just hasn’t all come together for them.

Jon Ager leads the team in scoring at 22 per game and has done all he can to lead the way. Desmond Frazier in his first season is also having a productive season averaging 16 points and 7 rebounds. For an 0-3 team they are very talented and they are a few plays away from being in the win column.