Five Games, 10 Teams and Plenty of Possibilities

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WESTMINSTER: Week 2 Predictions

By Greg Loomis | Westminster League Coordinator

7 p.m. - Bucket Getters (0-1) vs The Hoopers (0-1) 

Both teams are looking for the W as both took L's in Week 1. This should be as equal of a match up as we can get in Westminster. Chris Ellis has a well put together group with Devin Zalara and Joe Vigil; both gain more and more skills as they get more games in and both are starting to find the way in the Ultimate Hoops world. Erick has got Berto and Preito back in the saddle, both two of our better defenders in Westminster. It's going to come down to who takes care of the ball. Both teams have tendencies to get out of control through out the game. Whoever controls the runs in game will end up on top.

Prediction: Depending on lineups, this should end up being a great game. Whoever has the fuller lineup wins to me. The Hoopers by 6.

7 p.m. - Hand Down...Man Down (0-0) vs Tha Crew (0-1)

Hand Down...Man Down is starting a week late and Tha Crew is starting behind everyone else that picked up a win Week 1. Hand Down will need to slow down Duval and Ja Randle as they were Tha Crews top scorers last week. The Duo needs to keep working thru each other as last week they both had stretches with them not touching the rock. Tha Crew needs to finish this week as they left too many open buckets and layups on the table. Hand Down...Man Down will need to find their mojo as most of the summer team is out of Fall Season. No Joe Halter or Justin Meineke which were their leading scorers. Most nights Ramos takes a back seat to his gunners. This may be the season we see him gunning.

Prediction: H.D.M.D always brings it no matter who is suited up so Tha Crew can't get caught sleeping. If Duval and Ja are cooking is see the Tha Crew pulling thru. Tha Crew by 8.

8 p.m. - Long Shots (0-0) vs MGTOW (1-0)

This is a size up game between Long Shots and MGTOW. Long Shots are getting to show the league what they are bringing this season and MGTOW gets to show they are not to mess with after a Week 1 victory. The brothers Derek and Brad Elliot teamed up with Joey and Griffin Yopp to bring back the Long Shots. All four of those guys can get it done and that core of four actually led the league in points per game during the summer season. So MGTOW has their hands full. Jaden and Denzal are going to need to be locked in. As much as those two like to run, Joey and Brad may love it more.

Predictions: This is a tough one speed vs strength. Who is going to be smarter at the end of the day. Long Shots by 10

8 p.m. - Oh Boy (1-0) vs Under Dogs (0-1)

Under Dogs had a tough Week 1 losing to MGTOW as Oh Boy cruised by for the victory in their battle against the Bucket Getterz. This one is more on the Under Dogs; who need to get their stuff in order. They need a setup person as they usually do, and that's just simply to call defenses and slow the ball when they have a chance to make it hurt for other teams missing shots and making mistakes. Rodney Anderson is also going to need the ball a lot more and Victor needs to knock down shots. For Oh Boy this might be the game they need to start out a season hot for once. As well as new addition, Vince Rogers, second game where he should be able to fill the stat sheets. This one should give a chance for both teams to gain some chemistry but if Oh Boy is locked in...look out. 

Predictions: Oh Boy by 15

9 p.m. - Fire Squad Elite (1-0) vs Impact Basketball (1-0)

These two teams should love this considering they will only play once in the regular season with Impact and Fire Squad. These are our two top teams squaring off in Week 2. Last season, Fire Ssquad got Impact twice in regular season with Impact getting them in the championship game. Both teams are different in they both have new players in Tyler Converse and Zach Sullivan with Fire Squad and Rob Dobson and Imran Sufi went back to Impact. Honestly, not take anything away from those earlier teams but, these guys make these teams look scary. Impact back to 100 points plus and Fire Squad got a deeper roster, if that is even possible. Beau Barney will need to be slowed on Impact side and whoever is guarding Zach for Impact is going to need their Wheaties. For sures the game of the night, check it out on Facebook Live!

Predictions: Matchups are the key and who takes advantage of their miss match when they got it. Impact has the I.Q and Fire Squad brings the heat. Fire Squad by 3.