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BURLINGTON: Week 4 Power Rankings

By David Jordan | Burlington Media Associate

It took a couple of 20-point performances, but The Dream Team was able to battle back from a halftime deficit to improve to 3-0.  In a week that featured of a couple of blowouts, the leagues top two teams were able to withstand the challenges being thrown their way, setting us up for a big time Week 5 matchup between $hmoney & the Dream Team. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s take a look at the Week 4 power rankings.

1. $hmoney (3-0) Last Weeks Ranking - 1

If we were to judge up to this point, the Ultimate Player Award in Burlington, Jason LaPlanche (28 Points, 6 rebounds, 5 assist, 5 steals) would have to be an early favorite. He’s having a terrific season as he’s led $hmoney to a 3-0 start. Kevin Cangiano (22 Points, 9 rebounds) was also instrumental in the team win. At this point, it’s safe to say that $hmoney has been the clear favorite to come out of Burlington.

2. Dream Team (3-0) Last Week’s Ranking - 2

You’ve gotta love what the Dream Team is doing this season. They’re just flat out tough to deal with. Battling back from a seven-point halftime deficit, the Dream Team was able to impose their will in the second half, earning them the win. The team was led by Rennie Cato (20 Points, 4 assists) & Tomas Morales (20 points, 11 rebounds) who finished with his third straight double-double.

3. Legendary (2-1)  Last Week’s Ranking - 5

Don’t let Legendary’s record fool you. Their one loss on the season came via a forfeit. Legendary came back in a major way, handing the Wildcats a 40-point loss. Marc Pierre-Louis (36 Points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists) was unstoppable. Equally impressive is every other player on Legendary scored in double figures, including Khris Padilla (13 Points, 10 rebounds, 11 assist) who finished with a triple-double. And all of this without Big O (Octavio Cruz). Look out, $hmoney, Legendary is aiming for the top spot.

4. The Rox (2-1) Last Week’s Ranking - 6

The Rox had yet a another great game as they improved to 2-1. It’s no easy feat to 20 piece a team, especially one as talented as Fire.  Thomas Ugbesia (28 points, 13 rebounds) was a force as he continues to put the team on his back. If The Rox can keep this up, they may be able to break up the power duo of $hmoney and Dream Team that have consistently been at the top of Burlington's power rankings.

5. Fire (1-2) Last Week’s Ranking - 3

Fire wasn’t exactly blazing last Tuesday, as Fire caught a 20 piece courtesy of The Rox. The team just had a tough time scoring, as they shot only 37 percent from the field.  Calvin Pinney (16 points, 10 rebounds) was the high scorer for Fire. Fire has a talented team, but has underachieved thus far. They need to figure out a way to get back on track this week.  

6. Reformation  (1-2) Last Week’s Ranking - 4

Reformation hasn’t exactly gotten off to the start they wanted, but it’s not all bad either. Of the two losses on the season, one came via a forfeit, and the other came at the hands of the $hmoney team which was a close one until two minutes left. With that being said, Reformation has enough fire power to compete, but they have to pull it together. If Luther Joseney (24 Points, 7 rebounds) & Jean Romulus (20 Points, 10 rebounds) can keep it up, they should be able to figure it our fairly easily.

7. Wolves (0-3) Last Week’s Ranking - 8

The Wolves battled in Week 3, but they just couldn’t pull out the win. Isaac Remy (25 points, 6 rebounds) and Chris Fissore (23 points, 5 rebounds, 6 assists) led the way for the wolf pack. The team is still struggling shooting from the field, but they are improving none the less. Only time will tell if they can improve enough to make noise in the league.

8. Wildcats (0-3) Last Week’s Ranking - 6

Not a whole lot to say here. If you lose by 40 and it’s your third-straight loss, your almost an automatic candidate for last place in the power rankings.  Tim Williams with (16 points) was the team’s high scorer. It was an all around bad performance from the Wildcats, who can’t do much but go back to the drawing board.