Are Sounders FS For Real?

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AJAX: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Chad Hinds | Ajax League Coordinator

We’re fresh and it’s still early, however, the Sounders FS have gotten out to an early 2-0 to start the Fall Season. They are the only undefeated team after two weeks of game play, and their veteran savvy, and determination have them currently looking back at the rest of the league’s teams.

1. Sounders FS

Are definitely the elders of the league of this Fall season. They are a team built on veteran leadership, and each player on this team have all been through the grind of long season before. The heart of this squad is definitely Mr. Uncle Phil Levy! His grit and grind it out mentality has the Sounders looking like they want to be the ones to add a banner to rafters. Jovan Bailey is the key to their offensive prowess, trying to stop his relentless drives to the rim will keep a lot of teams in foul trouble. He is the engine that makes this team go.

2. No Flex Zone

Holding down the No. 2 spot for power rankings are the NO FLEX ZONE! Our defending champs are still the real team to beat this year down the stretch, as they have retained their core players, and are definitely not looking to give up the chase for a repeat. May the traditional Bully Ball Games begin. NFZ still continues to utilize their size and strength topped with some fine finesse. Getting this team to lose will mean having to go through their most consistent threat every time he touches the rock in Justin Lindo. Lindo is averaging 24.5 ppg, 8 rebounds, and a whopping 71 percent from behind the arc.

3. Triple Threat

Our newest young gunners this season have got to be team Triple Threat. Their name definitely pays tribute to the type of game that they like to play. This team is a high octane 3-point shooting squad that feels no 3-point attempt is a bad one. The dynamic duo of Michah Didier and Roger James Jr. have this team up and down the floor ridiculous pace, and the team are firm believers in the Seven Seconds or Less Offense. If you catch this team on a night that they are knocking down jumpers, then you will be in for a long night as a defense. However, if you catch them on a night where not much is falling from deep, than that is an opportunity that teams need to jump on and capitalize.

4. OG’s

The OG’s are back for another season and have a couple new additions to the fold that should shake things up a bit for them. Last season they were that team that you weren’t sure if they’d come out with a win or not simply because every game is a dog fight, but would always came up just short. If a few more rebounds or shots turn in their favor this season, we very well may be looking at a new champion. They’ve started the season 0-2 and will be looking to bounce back in Week 3. The OG charge is lead by veteran George Palman whose averaging a solid 18.5 ppg while dishing out a solid 9 assists a game, and is backed up by new comer OJ. Okeen “The Dream” James is putting up numbers across the board averaging 21.5 ppg, 6.5 rebounds, 3 assists and 3 steals. Once the chemistry settles OG’s might start bringing the ruckus!

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