Expect the Unexpected


GAITHERSBURG: Week 7 Power Rankings

By Remy Primas | Gaithersburg Media Associate

1. Hampton

They are a team on a mission this season. With just one loss they’re the cream of the crop and don’t look to be taking any down hill slides anytime soon. Team captain Jerry McFadden said he and his team are ready for their game and playoffs next week!

2. Virginia Tech

They have a huge game tonight against Hampton and wants to prove to the league their last win against them wasn’t a fluke. Eric Nixon & Martrez Marshall must be lights out of they want the same results this time around. 

3. Strayer

With a win tonight it could put themselves in a position to gain all the confidence heading into the playoffs. They’re a team that’s gotten better with the ups and downs of the season. Expect them to come out and play tough.

4. Missouri

They are one win a way from getting things on track. They have to somehow find a way to make some plays in order to get a win. I anticipate players like Zach Mink, Chris Brown and Remy Primas to play a huge role in their efforts of winning their next game.