Can Reasonable Doubt Take the Leap?


SAN ANTONIO: Week 4 Predictions

By Pat Fridley | San Antonio Media Associate

7:15 p.m. - Sicko Mode (1-1) vs Bigger Than You (0-3)

Two teams that aren't quite where they want to be yet, who's going to right the ship first?

Sicko Mode is sitting at 1-1, coming off of a survival win in Week 3. This team is yet to play a full game together, missing key piece Sean Dockery in Week 1, and only getting a half out of Antuan Bootle in Week 2. It doesn't seem to be getting any better as they'll be missing Bootle again as he serves a 1-game suspension. Sicko Mode has very little size outside of Bootle, which makes it tough for them to match up against BTY's Chris and Kai Johnson. They'll have to look to their guard play tonight, which is tough considering that BTY has a great perimeter as well. BTY has been slumping a bit lately, and if Sicko can take advantage they'll have a chance. 

Bigger Than You captain Brian Byers started game-planning last Wednesday at 10:16 p.m. when he elected to "vote in favor" for Antuan Bootle's suspension. They'll surely have an advantage in Week 4 with their size, and they should definitely use it. BTY hasn't lived up to they hype yet, as they were the favorites at the end of draft night. They surely have a great team, on paper and on court, but they'll need to start winning if they want to live up to expectation. Will they start tonight?

Prediction: Bigger Than You finally gets a dub, as their size down low proves to be too much for Sicko Mode to handle.

8:15 p.m. - Hit Em' Up (2-1) vs. Pain (0-3)

Pain played great in Week 3 despite a loss. Hit Em Up struggled in their last game and lost as well. This would've been a great game for both to gain some momentum should they win, however this one has already been decided by forfeit. 

Final: Hit Em' Up wins by default. 

9:15 p.m. - #LOYALTY (2-1) vs Reasonable Doubt (2-1)

In the "Game of the Week", we've got a great match up between two teams with a real shot at the Finals. Both coming in at 2-1, we're excited to see what happens.

#LOYALTY had a disappointing loss in Week 3 against rival Ether. Both squads were looking forward to that match up, and there was even talk of "side betting" between the two captains. If that were the case LOYALTY's loss hurts even more. Look for them to be more aggressive, and disciplined as they go up against RD. LOYALTY's game is all about transition, and getting out and running....but so is RD's. LOYALTY will need to hold RD's front court down to have their best chance at a win, it'll also help if their guard-trio can do some damage. Having big man Kevin Benitez back will surely help as well.

Reasonable Doubt is ready to chalk their Week 1 loss up as a fluke. They've always been the most talented team in the league from top to bottom, and they're ready to prove it. Like any good team, this one believes they are Finals-bound. If they can get a win against a threat like LOYALTY, it will only solidify their ranking as a Top team. They dismantled BTY last week, and should be up for the challenge. With several guys capable of scoring, they'll be tough to handle. The scoring of Darius World and Ryan Steed have been huge, especially for rookies. They seem to be pairing nicely with their monster front-court of Malik Harris and Travis Matthews. 

Prediction: #LOYALTY will ultimately keep it close, but Reasonable Doubt will win by dominating the glass and second chance points.