Can Livin’ The Dream Finally Beat the Villains?


SUMMERLIN OPEN:  Week Three Predictions

By L.C. Comine | Summerlin Media Associate  


BTE (2-0) vs. AAO (0-2)

Our first game should be a very entertaining game as the undefeated BTE takes on the winless AAO squad.  This will be a battle of the top two scoring teams in the league and I am guessing we will have a shoot out in this one.

BTE comes into this one with only six guys as Andre McFarland and William Holvoet have been out.  All six are averaging double figures in points and the duo of Jordan Cannon and Edward Vaughns are averaging a combined 58 PPG between them.  The key this week for BTE will be to shut down Mihail Kocevski, Bobby Mears, and Dreu Johnson.  Those three are what makes AAO go and if BTE can confuse them with their zone then I think BTE should be in good shape.  BTE is going to have no issues scoring but what they cannot do is let AAO get in a groove on offense.  If they do then their nine game winning streak could come to an end. 

AAO comes in 0-2 but don’t let that record fool you they have the talent to win this league this season and this game is definitely going to be the measuring stick for them.  AAO put up quite a fight a week ago in their comeback against Livin’ The Dream and I am expecting that momentum to carry over into this one.  If healthy Dreu Johnson will be going toe to toe with MVP Jordan Cannon in this one.  AAO is going to need Johnson to be the floor general this week and he will also need get the rest of AAO involved early and often if they want to try solve BTE’s zone.   Player I am watching in this one is Chris Mellor.  He missed last week but Mellor could be a key factor for AAO in this one as McFarland could still be out for BTE.  If Mellor is there he will take a lot of pressure off the rest of AAO and could cause a lot of problems for BTE.

This game is going to come down who plays the best defense.  BTE is giving up the least points in the league at 85.5 and AAO is scoring 91 PPG.  The battle between Cannon and Johnson should be a real show for all of us to watch but the key in this one is who will step up and make the plays for their teams.  AAO has been close in week one and week two and something tells me will be ready tomorrow night.  BTE is coming off a fantastic performance against the Villains but I got a hunch they will not shoot as good as last week.  I think BTE is prime for an upset and this is the week it happens.  Dreu and company play their most complete game of the season and look for Chris Mellor to have a big time double double in this one.  AAO gets their first win of the season.

Prediction: AAO- 94, BTE- 89

Livin’ The Dream (1-1) vs. Villains (1-1)

Livin’ The Dream and the Villains meet again in our 7:30 game tonight.  These two teams have battled quite a bit over the last year and Livin’ The Dream still hasn’t found the formula it takes to beat the Villains.  Will that change tomorrow night?  This is the best roster Dream has ever had and it will be interesting to see how this game shakes out.

The Villains looked good a week ago in a loss to BTE.  They had everyone in attendance minus Rob Sandoval and had the champs on the ropes.  The Villains will need to find a way to stop John Lazosky and Duelle Gore who are averaging a combined 55 PPG.  Lazo is going to cause the most problems for the Villains as this version of the Villains is much smaller than seasons past and Lazo is tearing it up right now especially in the paint.  Kodiak Yazzie is going to have his hands full with Lazo but Yazzie is one of the leagues best defenders and if he can contain Lazo then the Villains should be in good shape.  As always attendance is an issue for the Villains but if they have most of everyone there they should have a lot of advantages on the court.  Chase Skinkis, Dave Murtha, and Tij Von Nieda should have some favorable match ups and all three could have big games.  Again the key for the Villains will be to contain Lazo and Gore, as they are the firepower on Dream’s roster.  If they can do that and get out and run the Villains should win this one.

Livin’ The Dream comes off their first win of the season over AAO.  Dream looks a little different than seasons past and this time around they are led by Lazo and Duelle Gore.  These two are averaging 61 percent of the teams point and its safe to say Dream will go as far at these two lead them.  If they want to upset the Villains they will need both of them to continue to put up the impressive numbers they have been putting up but they will need to do it playing much more team defense.  Dream is last in the league in PPG allowed at 102.5 and we all know the weapons the Villains have.  I have no doubt Lazo and Gore are going to score but the key will be stopping the Villains in transition and not let them get comfortable.  If Dream cannot stop the Villains then this game could get out of hand.

This game is going to possibly go a few different ways.  I think if the Villains are all in attendance then I think the Villains will win going away.  If some key pieces are missing for them then I think Dream will have a legit chance to win this game.  I think the Villains in the end will have too much for Dream and will play much better defense.  I think Dream hangs around but down the stretch the Villains pull away. 

Prediction: Villains- 98, Livin’ The Dream- 85