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GILBERT VET: Week 3 Predictions

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

With zero close games last week, let’s hope this week proves a little more interesting/engaging for all.  After some thorough power rankings, let’s dive right into this week’s predictions.

5 p.m. - BRAVO Pay vs Seasoned Vets

Big believer in SV’s core, particularly with an entire team of selfless, gritty players and proven winners, but tricky to buy in quite yet to a team ranked last in offense and near-last (6th of 7) in defense, as well as sixth in PPV.  

With BRAVO Pay fresh off surprise domination of No Limits last week, the odds are definitely in their favor on this one.  I trust Omar Duran will heat up sooner than later, and Mike Harrison/Andrew Lebowitz can provide some much needed guidance for the troops, but gotta give this one to BP in this one.

Prediction: BRAVO Pay by 9

6 p.m. - Shake ’N Bake vs Below the Rim

Can pretty much copy the insight from the 5pm game.  Dean Sherry is going to have his hands full with Gerald to say the least, though he’s got as fresh of legs as anyone.  In BTR’s favor is a serious size defense, with sizable marksman Tim Tracey, bruising Kris “Kozier” Hennen, and potentially, captain approval pending, the great Billy Leist.  Still, when 60% of points needed for victory are supplied by one player as with Gerald, Blue Stephens & co have got to get the edge.

Prediction: Shake ’N Bake by 7

7 p.m. - No Limits vs Ball So Hard Vet

Even with BSH-V’s serious firepower, I like this one to be the most competitive battle of the night.  Rumor has it Jason Lake is a low-key ringer, but, with Adam Bickerstaff 50/50 to make the game, NL may actually have the edge here.  

Even if Adam makes it, the teams are pretty evenly matched, with all championship captains accounted for (Casey Gould, Donald Dangmuk) and Lionel to give Gabe and/or Jason Harrison all they can handle.  I’m partial to a good upset, so let’s shake things up & go NL in a close one.

Prediction: No Limits by 2

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