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GILBERT VET: Week 3 Power Rankings

By Chris Walker | Arizona Regional Coordinator

It’s Week 3 in the Vet, and we’ve seen two very different teams rise to the top thus far. On one end, there’s Ball So Hard Vet, no surprises there, with 29 collective championships between just three of their players (Adam, Gabe, Rico) with another from big man Jason Harrison.  On the flip side, there’s an upstart BRAVO Pay, led by the perimeter assault of Joel Joyes and Brandon Walker and sponsored by the app that took Shark Tank by storm.  Let’s took a look at where these two early powerhouses and the rest of the crowd stand through two weeks:

1. Ball So Hard Vet (1-0)

Any time even legend Gerald Williams, unafraid of anything, admits you’re a problem for the rest of the league, your team is sitting pretty.  Such is the pretty position BSH, Vet Edition, is sitting in.

2 .BRAVO Pay (2-0)

Beyond the aforementioned Joel & Brandon, BP, counted out by some preseason, has had a pretty balanced attack.  Adam Swanton’s been versatile as ever, and Johnny Price and OG Robert Upchurch continue to bring relentless hustle and grit.

3. Rhinos (1-1)

Besides post size, these guys have all the pieces for a deep Vet run, especially devastating trio of Gilbert original Jeremiah “JP” Price, scoring dynamo Philip Johnson, and the ageless Rodrigo Gutierrez.  Equally ageless is Kenem Partee, and we can’t forget GOAT Aaron Cohen.  They’ll get a quick, well-timed BYE and then reclaim their dominance next week.

4. Shake ’N Bake (1-1)

Gerald Williams is obviously a force to be reckoned with, as is Blue Stephens.  The real key for these guys in a Week 2 blowout though was marksman Jaydee Van Ahn, who threw up a 22 and 10 double-double with 6 3’s to knock off a tough No Limits squad.  Lookout for big things from Spring Sensation Reynaldo Imbert next.

5. No Limits (1-1)

Fell victim to a big, big L last week, but with post force-of-nature Lionel Pehoua and reigning champ Casey Gould, these guys are still a real threat for a deep run yet.  Marksman Joseph Castaneda is a big sleeper here given some solid looks from the corner.

Tie: Below the Rim (0-1) & Seasoned Vets (0-2)

Not sure what’s messier, a straightforward 20-point debut defeat (BTR) or an 18-77 FG, 20-point defeat (SV), albeit one where Spring MVP and critical guard Andrew Lebowitz was out.  Whichever you call it, culture/execution changes are needed ASAP for both.  Let’s snap out of the funk and get it back on track fellas.

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