It’s a Monstars’ World, We’re Just Living in it

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FRANKLIN: Week 4 Power Rankings

By Patrick Forrest | Franklin Media Associate

1. The Monstars (2-0)

It took the Monstars a bit longer to get going, only having a one-point lead at half against Ace In The Cole, but they ultimately pulled away, cruising to an 81-59 victory.  Lead once again by Marcus Haislip, who scored 47 points and 16 rebounds. 

Haislip was the only member of the Monstars to score in double figures, but when you put up almost 50 that’s about all the contribution you need. Chris Harris almost hit the double figure mark, putting up 9 points and pulling down 6 rebounds.  Can the league slow down Haislip, question of the day, if not no way the Monstars have a loss.

2.  DS (1-1)

DS had a week off and remains the number-two ranked team in the league.  They’ll be gearing up to continue to their ball movement and three-point shooting prowess this week.

3.  Commissioner’s Choice (2-1)

Commissioner’s Choice gets a controversial W, receiving a forfeit victory due to the Fly Agents no show.  Will this victory hold due to players from the opposing team never showing, or was it a scheduling error?  Regardless, team Choice hold steady at the number three spot this week.

4. Ace In the Cole (1-2)

Ace In the Cole came out on fire in the first half against the Monstars, led by team captain Kendall Graves.  Playing great defense, frustrating The Monstars, and taking advantage of open looks, Ace In the Cole was only down one point to the dominating team in the league thus far. 

Unfortunately, that same energy could not be sustained, The Monstars overpowered in the second half and Ace In the Cole went down 59-81.  Bright spots during the game were Eli Ziegler (28 points, 8 rebounds, 6 assists), and Grayson Brewer who scored all 9 of his points from beyond the arc.  Ace In the Cole will look to get back to .500 this week.

5. Fly Agents (0-2)

Controversy is currently following the Fly Agents.  Currently having forfeited their previous game to Commissioners Choice.  Was it a simple scheduling error, or did they not have enough players to show during the entire evening?  Only time will tell, and we’ll see how this gets sorted out over the coming weeks, for now they remain at the bottom of the power rankings.