Will Those Guys Finally Win a Game?

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GREEN VALLEY VET B: Week 3 Predictions

By Michael Palmer | Green Valley Media Associate

Goodfellas (2-0) vs. Alcoballics (1-0)

Christopher Ford and the Goodfellas will face Jay Schuttert and the Alcoballics in what may be a high-scoring game. The Goodfellas are averaging a third-best 88.4 PPG and are led by Ford, who has been a beast all season long. This will be the Alcoballics' main target as he's shooting for accuracy (53 percent) and is averaging 29 PPG in the first two games of the season. Of course we'll see the GM Hanania contribute in numerous ways and will attack at the Alcoballics' defenders in the paint.

Watch out for Brent Husson to really attack in the paint and grab numerous rebounds. The Alcoballics are on a mission this season as they don't want to have another two-three win season. They upgraded by adding Kerry Knoll and Robert Lew as both are exceptional three-point shooters. Let's see if Luis Maceira can repeat his 20-point performance last week against 44 Minutes as the point guard is a quick player that loves to take over. I can't see Goodfellas losing to the Alcoballics as they posses a great starting five.

Prediction: Goodfellas -15

44 Minutes (0-2) vs. Those Guys (0-2)

This may be the only shot that Those Guys have at winning a game as they'll face 44 Minutes in what will be a highly competitive game. Jeremy Peltz of 44 Minutes could be on any team in the Vet B league and succeed at a high level. He'll be a top target for Those Guys and how many points will be see out of him? Michael Cornachio has played with Those Guys before and he may know their game-plan going into this game, you never know.

Watch out for Ken Weng to drain some threes and explode for a season-high in points. Zee Shan must get his unit to stick together, take smart shots and play fundamental basketball. Hopefully we'll see Amanda Kelley suit up and drill threes. Lamont Harris Jr. must need on his 'A' game and keep up with 44 Minutes. At the end of the game, it will be 44 Minutes' game.

Prediction: 44 Minutes -6

Buckeyes (1-1) vs. Old School (1-1)

The Buckeyes were frustrated and somewhat surprised after their loss to Bhoudini last week and will be ready to make a statement this week against Old School. What will it take for Old School to upset the Buckeyes? It will take a lot of defense and a lot of man-to-man defense. Watch out for Old School's Brian Stanton to potentially knock down some threes and the forward will be able to keep up with the Buckeyes' defense.

The duo of Alexander Gonzalez and Dan Lumello could surprise the Buckeyes will their power in the paint and range from downtown, respectively. The Buckeyes are in it to win it, especially from GM Paul Sexton. Sexton hates to lose and is a true competitor. He'll be locked in and be a facilitator, finding the open Joe Paulk from downtown. Dominic Pedotto and Stanton of Old School will be a great matchup to watch. I have a feeling the Buckeyes will truly play an exceptional game and move above .500 for the win.

Prediction: Buckeyes -8.5

Bhoudini (2-0) vs. Boozers (0-2)

Will the Boozers actually go 0-3 to start the season? As long as I've been a media associate for Ultimate Hoops, I can't remember when they've started this poorly. The competition has risen since last year and the Boozers need this game or else they're in some serious trouble. Jason Salerno and Greg Goorjian can't do everything on their own and I know guys like Jeff Traylor Michael Wethington can step it up when needed. Don Brkovich has somewhat struggled from downtown lately and is a good three-point shooter, but we'll wait and see how he performs this week.

Bhoudini has themselves quite the roster as the duo of Edwin Urbina and Charlie Farber have the potential of being named to the first and second team in the Vet B league. They both scored 20-plus points last week and are just great ballplayers. If Jim Reilly suits up this week, him and Salerno will have a battle down low. I anticipate Bhoudini running through the Boozers and getting another win in the books. 

Prediction: Bhoudini -11

OOMG (1-0) vs. RudeDogs (1-1)

The automatic OOMG squad will square off against Dan Orozco's RudeDogs and if the RudeDogs manage to get guys like Matthew Diedrich and Evan Hunt dropping down some threes, you never know what the outcome of the game will be. Hunt has brought on an different mindset as far as scoring and since James Rice isn't on the RudeDogs this season, he's taken on a bigger role scoring-wise.

Let's see how well Anthony Khotsikian does against OOMG's Josh Rollans as Rollans will be very aggressive going up against Khotsikian. Watch out for Mike Anderson and Juan Carter to pull up from downtown and deliver clutch shots. Sam Earl will be a big weapon for OOMG and the RudeDogs' Anthony Bowe and Roger Snow must keep up with OOM's pace. I just really like what OOMG brings into this game and they'll capture another win.

Prediction: OOMG -7.5