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SCOTTSDALE DRAFT: Week 3 Power Rankings

 By Dakota Browning-Dudley | Scottsdale Media Coordinator

Somehow I woke up writing Adam’s article as we swap content this week.  I’m here to give you guys the real, factual power rankings.  Here’s how I see Scottsdale stacking up so far this season.

1. Showtime

Scottsdale’s top dogs, this team doesn’t really light up the scoreboard or clamp up defensively, they just win.  With one of the most productive 1-2 punches in the state this season, TJ and Chance are both capable of going for a triple double in any game.  With solid role players around those two, I see this team able to keep their win streak going for awhile.  I believe they may have reinforcements on the way as well, after getting a little banged up early in the season.

2.  All Bizness

I really don’t think this team will lose if Tristan’s 52 percent 3-point shooting stays anywhere near that high.  The spacing that Tristan is creating allows Point Guard Picasso/Michael Bizoukas to turn his offensive creativity up to a new level.  Big man Rhett Ballard also gets a little more room to do his thing down low and coming through the lane on pick-and-rolls. 

3.  The Incredible Basketball Players

Addition by subtraction?  TIBP actually did look incredible last week, lighting up a team that prides itself on hard-nosed defense.  Will the offensive chemistry and balance that was found last week carry on the rest of the season or was this just an incredible fluke? 

4.  Pup ’N Suds

Pup ’N Suds record may not merit a spot this high in the rankings, but they impressed me last week.  Even with them shooting just 21 percent from deep, they still took top-ranked showtime into overtime.  I like the balance this team has with threats on multiple levels.  Look out for my man Vinnie T, his hard work in the gym is definitely showing this season. 

5.  James Meng Talent Agency

An 0-2 team at No. 5? I must be crazy.  James Meng Talent Agency has lost both of their games by a combined 9 points.  Last week was especially painful as they blew a lead very, very late in the game and topped it off with a technical for calling a timeout they didn’t have.  Without Brad turning into Steph Curry in this one, they would easily be higher up the board.  JMTA might be on the hunt for more talent soon, as they still haven’t gotten an appearance out of Jordan Colson. 

6.  Views From the Swish

I think we all know Warren is gonna score and create some good looks for his teammates, I just don’t see the supporting cast doing enough to get them any higher up these rankings.  Warren is averaging 48 percent of this team’s points, I’m not sure how sustainable that offense will be, especially with Warren turning another year older.  Get this old man some help.  

7.  Muppets

With Steve Terry & Neb leading the charge like Bert & Ernie on HGH, the Muppets have struggled to gain any momentum.   Brayden looked a lot more like himself last week yet they still only scored 66 points.   This team seems to have the same problem as Views, only one true bucket getter.  Getting Steve Terry back will obviously help with that but it could throw the chemistry back off again.